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August 17, 2022
Music from Scotland: a

Enjoying a playlistPlaylist for Life is working to bring the benefits of individually significant music in dementia care to as many people as possible, anywhere they may be in the UK.

Currently assistance and instruction (including official certification), a residential district of motivation and opportunities for volunteering. We collaborate on analysis. We encourage analysis. We arrange formal and casual partnerships along with other organisations practising person-centred care. We raise understanding through our internet site, social networking and public speaking.

Developing work

We react to requests from progressively more partners looking for our help to introduce private playlists within their work. To date these include most the Scottish NHS Board severe divisions, NHS medical center trusts in The united kingdomt, care houses and care residence teams. Initial discussions are accompanied by a request for staff instruction.

Training for families and professional caregivers

While it is often possible for an in depth in accordance with compile a playlist that taps into their liked one’s life tale, it is also challenging, particularly when some one does not have any loved ones or friends to ask. Our instruction explains a few of the science behind the model and also covers the detective work needed seriously to learn more about someone’s life and just what is crucial that you all of them, as a guide to selecting the songs almost certainly to resonate with them as people. It addresses the challenges of integrating this intervention into a busy institutional setting.

Analysis and Evaluation

Rigorous analysis and constant evaluation of the advantages we are promoting is of important significance. Develop this will fundamentally enable policy-makers to assess the suitability with this non-pharmacological intervention for roll-out across the UK as a post-diagnostic tool into the treatment of all forms of dementia.

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Scottish Music - Paul McKenna Band - P Stands For Paddy
Scottish Music - Paul McKenna Band - P Stands For Paddy
Scottish Music - Gaelic Folk Song ♫
Scottish Music - Gaelic Folk Song ♫
Scottish Music - The Bonnie House of Airlie ♫
Scottish Music - The Bonnie House of Airlie ♫
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