YouTube Scottish music bagpipes

October 13, 2022
Andre rieu - scotland the

bagpiperJMG reader Mike writes from Scotland to tell us that he and his lover were out “enjoying the past for the sunshine” today when they discovered a road preacher that was screaming about how homosexual marriage features wrecked the economic climate. After which a bagpiper came. The Courier reports:

A St. Andrews busker has-been hailed after he drowned out a noisy road preacher – by blasting out Scotland The Brave on his bagpipes. Footage published by Lachie Blair regarding the Overheard in St. Andrews Facebook page shows a guy making use of a little amplifier to raise your voice their message near the fountain in marketplace Street. Residents stated their message was almost impossible to understand, but was hostile and had been ruining the atmosphere on a pleasant sunshiney day within the town. Which all describes the reason why cheering can obviously be heard since the youthful piper moves into chance and sets the preacher inside the spot. As Lachie sets it, the piper wins this fight ‘in probably the most Scottish means possible’.

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Scottish Bagpipe Music in Front Of Scone Palace Perth
Scottish Bagpipe Music in Front Of Scone Palace Perth ...
Scottish Bagpipe Band and Highland Dance Kelowna BC YouTube
Scottish Bagpipe Band and Highland Dance Kelowna BC YouTube
Scottish Bagpipes
Scottish Bagpipes
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