Famous Scottish musicians

December 30, 2021
Belle and Sebastian s top

GabbroThe site was wee, intimate and stylishly dingy. It was my first time in Glasgow's King Tut's and I also immediately liked it. The group were loosely spread from bar to stage, creating a chorus of chatter to precede the songs. The pre-performance expectation had been palpable; I wondered how nervous the artists were.

This is no ordinary Friday night gig for the eight functions on line-up. They'd be doing with using their minds inside music and their eyes on a prize. CalMac Ferries was offering these aspirational artists a very unique violation, and many other things than just a ticket to create sail on a single of these vessels.

The yearly Calmac society Music competition provides singers/songwriters and groups the opportunity to display their particular skills to stay with a chance of winning a limelight at one of Scotland's summertime music festivals. The artists had been asked to submit a video on YouTube, where they would be shortlisted centered on their skill in addition to video clip's popularity on the web.

Iain BothwellThe fortunate winners will climb up aboard the stage at one of many these amazing celebrations:

  • Tiree Music Festival
  • HebCelt
  • Most useful for the West
  • MOKfest (Mull of Kintyre Festival)
  • Bluebell Festival

Having danced the conga through group at HebCelt this past year, I'm able to only imagine the buzz of doing real time to an audience of energetic event revelers. United states Scots positively love a tune, and we surely learn how to party!

This campaign truly exhibits CalMac's commitment to doing Scottish culture. Everyone knows concerning the popular dinner times from the ferries, providing many CalMac specialities and proudly supplying produce through the countries that the ferries visit. I'm additionally a massive supporter of these solitary malt choice, additionally the many big 'Malt for the period'.

Harry & the HendersonsThe journeys by themselves tend to be a fundamental piece of Scottish tradition, linking individuals with places, and facilitating the research of a few of the country's most stunning and remote islands. The CalMac brand is iconic, and holds different definition to different people. For many the ferries are a practical prerequisite, although some immediately connect the ferries with holidays and adventure. For the songs finalists, CalMac required an opportunity to share their talent with a broad audience at a phenomenal occasion, in hopes of advancing their particular profession.

Let us meet the finalists...


Iain Bothwell

Harry & the Hendersons

Yew Songs

Minimal Fire

The Glass Roots

50 Tones of Blue

Bella & the Bear

Yew MusicThe finalists performed to an attentive audience, some obtaining enthusiastic shouts of reassurance from their particular friends/fans who had arrive at help all of them. The songs ranged from simple acoustic sets with raspy male vocals, to full-on fabulous people tunes. Each work introduced some thing entirely contrasting towards one before, with an assortment of styles which spend tribute to the variety of music and enormous talent in Scotland. They were all great in their own personal right, but whom really stood completely?

The Music Highlights

Throughout the band's very first tune I was immediately mesmerised by Kerrie's gorgeous sound, and very quickly became lost inside her haunting vocals and also the associated melodies. Sliding to the opposite end of this sound spectrum, the next track ended up being an uplifting, toe-tapping quantity with furious fiddling and quick Gaelic vocals. Such sounds infuse an instantaneous dosage of cheer and patriotism; their particular songs is certainly good for the Scottish soul!

Harry & The Hendersons

This option make a statement as soon as they truly are visible, because of some thoughtful vintage styling and impressive minds of hair. Appearing like they have been from another time, or certainly another spot, these guys have actually a strong aesthetic identity, and one which is transported directly into their songs.The Glass Roots these have toured the Scottish isles and could have no trouble possessing the phase at a festival. They smashed the performance and weren't an act you might rapidly forget.

Bella while the Bear

This option should first win a prize for having the cutest title, as well as for becoming an equally adorable set. As soon as the gifted duo's sweet sounds echoed through the space, it absolutely was obvious they are not just pretty faces. Lauren and Stuart's sounds compliment both beautifully, and perform with an unmistakable biochemistry. Without providing excessively away, there was clearly a wee surprise inside their track bit Boat, surprise vocal factor which willn't ordinarily match a Scottish accent. We liked it! Super talented and quirky, these people were the absolute most unforgettable work associated with the night for me personally, and I also suspect this business goes far.

What did the judges think?

There have been judges present from each of the participating celebrations, and after some deliberation the champions were established!

Huge congratulations to your functions below who will have their particular moment to shine this summer.

  • Gabbro - Bluebell Festival Inveraray.
  • Bella & The Bear - HebCelt Festival
  • MOKfest - Harry & The Hendersons
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