Vintage Kilt

December 22, 2021
Re: Show us your Vintage Kilt

(picture: Nicole Disser)Just a few times old, The Glasgow Vintage Company could be the newest addition towards classic line situated on East Ninth Street between First and 2nd Avenues. Owner Gavin O’Brien, manning the floor whenever we stopped by today, told united states he along with his wife plus three young ones had only moved eight weeks ahead of the West Village from Glasgow, Scotland, where they possess an almost identical store.

?(Photo: Nicole Disser) perhaps O’Brien and his family thought that within the lack of complete and total Scottish self-reliance, taking various wooly Scottish classic clothes from the nation ended up being the only method to preserve Scottish identification?
Well, nearly. O’Brien said he and his family members just wanted to “try things out right here.”

(picture: Nicole Disser)

The newest sis store is worth a visit. it is packed with colorful wool sweaters; silk skirts and tops for females; blazers, Levi’s, and plaid and patterned t-shirts for men; as well as shoes, fur coats, fabric devices, a variety of hats, as well as a selection of kids classic. And even better, everything’s straight from Scotland. But there clearly wasn’t a kilt around the corner once we stopped by.

O’Brien stated much more things take how, and they’ll be stocked the moment they make it through traditions.

Tops and bottoms hover across the $40 range, while sweaters tend to be priced anywhere from $40 to $90. Some of the more expensive products, eg fur coats, operate upwards of $400.

The Glasgow Vintage Company, 331 E. Ninth St., between First and Second Aves.; available everyday from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m.

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