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July 28, 2021
Tilted Kilt NOT Coming to

Tilted Kilt server/entertainers and bartenders pay attention Friday as his or her training supervisor lists the day’s offered drinks and deals in South Portland. The restaurant has actually sitting for 225 patrons and certainly will employ about 70 people.SOUTH PORTLAND — Their particular “costumes, ” featuring red plaid mini-kilts and push-up bras with contrasting white sleeves, are less revealing than some clothes worn by New The united kingdomt Patriots cheerleaders.

However, the racy picture of a “Kilt Girl, ” emblazoned on a short-term indication away from new Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery at 200 Gorham Road, caused one passer-by to phone city officials and complain that it was “pornographic, ” stated Tex Haeuser, planning and development director.

The proprietors, Dave and Joy DuBois of Durham, had been instructed to eliminate the advertising since they didn’t have a permit for this. The few performed get a permit for nondescript permanent sign that’s in the building, previously Newick’s Lobster home, which sealed final May.

After months of renovations, “casting phone calls, ” “auditions” and workout sessions, the very first Maine team of somewhat questionable Tilted Kilt nationwide sequence is scheduled to open Monday nearby the Maine Mall.

While some people see the alleged “breastaurant” business design as unpleasant or at least sexist since it objectifies women, those involved in the local Tilted Kilt team downplay the conflict and welcome the attention.

“i like the clothes, ” stated Aly York, 20, a server/entertainer who lives in York. “i believe it is all about self-confidence. From a young age, I’ve for ages been pleased with my body. We don’t believe you have to be ashamed.”

There’s no doubt that Tilted Kilt’s notoriety will pain some possible clients as much as it entices other people, stated Michael Stevenson, a therapy teacher in the University of Southern Maine who specializes in human being sex.

“The company must think there is certainly a market because of this enterprise here, ” Stevenson said. “There tend to be folks who look for this sort of enterprise offensive, hence’s perhaps not solely women, though I would personally anticipate ladies is much more singing about any of it. After That there are individuals who are willing to pay money for eating and drink in that environment.”

The owners aspire to attract a fair range the latter. The DuBoises stress the pub’s Scottish-themed design, quality food and beverages, and family-friendly environment.

“We have actually a 10-year-old child, so we’d never be tangled up in something which had beenn’t family-friendly, ” Joy DuBois stated. “(The costumes tend to be) element of just what a Tilted Kilt is, but you need to look beyond that. It’s so much more.”


Among 110 Tilted Kilts throughout the United States, the Southern Portland franchise has actually 58 large-screen tvs set to activities networks and 40 draft beers, including 15 brewed in Maine. This has sitting for 225 patrons and certainly will employ about 70 individuals, including kitchen area staff.

The DuBoises, whom own seven Little Caesars Pizza franchises across Maine, pursued a Tilted Kilt team because they wished to operate a full-service, sit-down restaurant, Dave DuBois stated.

Our first restaurant theme bile "Tilted Kilt"
Our first restaurant theme bile "Tilted Kilt"
State Looks Into Wage Claims For Tilted Kilt Restaurant
State Looks Into Wage Claims For Tilted Kilt Restaurant
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