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December 22, 2021
Kilt Hire Guide – Find your

Houston Kiltmakers owner Ken MacDonald is a well distinguished Tartan Designer. In addition to providing an individual tartan design solution for consumers, Ken has additionally created prestigious tartan styles for Kilt clothes for royalty and dignitaries. Over this group of articles we are going to select some of Ken’s design and just take a closer check out the tale in it. This article will put the Bute Heather Tartan range underneath the limelight.

The Bute Heather number is made from 10 tartans that while sharing similar styling have quite distinct figures behind each design. there clearly was a tartan to suit every colour pallette from hot Red’s of Autumn Bute, the standard Purple’s of contemporary Bute towards more delicate Blue’s regarding the Kyles of Bute.

Tartans within the Bute Heather number feature: Ancient, contemporary, Autumn, Glencallum, Straad, gray, Kyles, Black, Midnight and searching.

Whilst every design is dependent on equivalent sett, the tints found in each Bute Heather tartan ensures that each Tartan has its own personality. Gray tartans are extremely much fashionable plus the Bute Heather range contains 7 Gray tartans, each with a dash of color through design.

“It’s great for away from the hustle and bustle associated with town and take a moment to unwind. The Isle of Bute provides the perfect relaxed, calm environment for me to create my designs if you take motivation from landscape.”

“The greys and purples made use of generate contemporary styles, which fit because of the well-known colour systems useful for today’s weddings.”

The newest tartans added to the product range are ‘Bute Heather Straad’ and ‘Bute Heather Kyles’, which joined the tartan collection within the last year.

The Bute Heather range tartans are woven regarding Isle of Bute because of the celebrated Bute Fabrics, whose material is used in a lot of prestigious areas internationally, like the Scottish Parliament as well as the Queen’s residence of Buckingham Palace!

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