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April 21, 2016
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in terms of winter weddings, New Year’s parties also formal occasions, old-fashioned highland wear is without question viewed as a statement of real Scottish identity. However, brand new data analysis by Young’s Hire has actually uncovered there are, in reality, more pleased Scots in The united kingdomt than in Scotland regarding donning a kilt and sporran and doing the highland fling.

The study performed by Young’s Hire, the largest formalwear hire company within the UK, has actually analysed over 400, 000 garment employs over the past year and unveiled some interesting styles in terms of males and their particular outfits.

It seems the traditional Scottish appearance is transcending the boarder, as a whole number of English locations saw even more tartan rentals than their particular Scottish alternatives in 2010, with London (21per cent), Leicester (12%), Manchester (10per cent) and Sheffield (10%) all topping Dundee (9per cent). Remarkably Aberdeen taken into account only two percent associated with UK's highland wear employs - position well below Liverpool (6percent), Bristol (6percent), Newcastle (4%), and Cardiff (3per cent).

About the traditional ‘top cap and tails’ at weddings, the North/South divide never already been more obvious, with London topping the charts when going all out to wow, accounting for longer than 10percent of the complete top hat rentals. The folks of Essex (6per cent) and Berkshire (5percent) in addition opted for elegant custom about dressing because of their wedding day.

Northern cities alternatively, tend to stay away from donning their 'best bib and tucker' when going to weddings and other formal features, with Newcastle accounting for a measly 0.014% of all of the top hat rentals. Also deciding to err against conventional top-hat and tails get-up were individuals of Manchester (1percent) and Leeds (2per cent).

Chris Burns, at teenage's Hire, opinions: "it is usually fascinating to simply take an even more holistic look at the formalwear styles around the UK, and it's great to observe that although individuals are truly broadening their perspectives regarding suiting-up for a particular event, the standard items like a top hat and tailcoat continue to be appearing quite popular. It’s great that standard Scottish highland wear is still going powerful and is developing in popularity across England.”

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