Andersons Kilt hire

September 5, 2022
Wedding show at Easterbrook

Hightland Dress and Kilt Hire at Kinloch AndersonKinloch Anderson offers advanced amount Kilt Hire from our Edinburgh store and supply consumers with Kilt Hire Outfits they could be certainly pleased to wear. Our solution includes our specialist Highland Dress guidance, supreme quality Kilt Hire attire and renowned private awareness of detail by our experienced staff.

And supplying Kilt Hire for Weddings, Graduations alongside occasions we can additionally provide Corporate and Group Kilt Hire for bigger functions and seminars close to the Edinburgh location.

You will find 3 Kilt Hire Outfit designs to select from - shown above:

Formal Kilt Hire Outfit with Prince Charlie Kilt Jacket
Semi-Formal Kilt Hire Ensemble with Argyll Kilt Jacket
Daywear Kilt Hire Ensemble with Charcoal or Fen Green Tweed Kilt Jacket

These come with a choice of 7 Kilt Hire tartans including:

We provide individual items for Hire, if you need just the Kilt, Kilt Jacket, Sporran or certainly the other items to complete your ensemble, they can be employed for the special event or occasion.
Our regular full hire price is £130 for a 4 day hire. Nevertheless should you just need individual things these is going to be listed individually as tend to be extended hire durations.
If the tartan you need isn't within our Kilt Hire range or you wish to have your personal kilt you can buy a made to measure kilt in the tartan of your choice and we will supply the remainder of Kilt Hire Outfit totally free.

We have been yes you are going to enjoy wearing your Kilt Hire Outfit when its came back you are given the opportunity to get all or the items which you hired.

If you'd like more info regarding your Kilt Hire demands please utilize our contact form, give us a call on 0131 555 1390 or go to our Edinburgh store.

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Anderson wearing a skirt Uhm a Kilt I meant
Anderson wearing a skirt ... Uhm a Kilt I meant
Kinloch Anderson Kilts and Highland Dress
Kinloch Anderson Kilts and Highland Dress
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