Kilt Knickers

June 23, 2018
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We searched and we searched, therefore we cannot discover satisfactory socks to put on with this Vintage Wool or Hemp City knickers, so we had some designed to our personal requirements. These comfortable, durable wool-blend clothes come within the leg (if you should be under six foot tall) to assure complete coverage for cold temperatures, sunshine, or fussy loved ones. You can even (once more, if you're under six foot high) make use of them as knee-warmers with rushing tights. Or fold the top the cuff down seriously to make them kilt socks!

They appear great, forestall chills or sunburn, and provide some compression-the perfect friend towards knickers!

Dark Charcoal or Olive, fit dimensions 7-11. They will actually visit dimensions 12 easily.
Just $28.50

These socks are best hand-washed cold and dried level, because are most woolens. Some people (including ourselves) do machine-wash them, but we can't guarantee they won't shrink under these types of therapy.

Our socks are created to our design and requirements by The Sock man of north park, whom specializes in cycling clothes. These are typically 37.5percent merino wool, 37.5percent polypropylene, 15per cent plastic, and 10percent Spandex. The Sock man factory is in Alabama.

All socks tend to be notably thicker than dress socks and so are comfortable, fashionable both in dressy and casual conditions, and supply some compression to greatly help your legs allow you to along the road. In really frigid weather condition you might use them over tights or light longjohns.

Karen Dunbar on Kilts for Kids Day
Karen Dunbar on Kilts for Kids Day
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