Anderson Kilts Dumfries

September 13, 2022
Dumfries Man of the Match Alan

Six for Bellwood in his score of 14129 05 2013

APD Dumfries won their particular Western Premier League match on Saturday with an ensured 42 run success over Renfrew at Nunholm.

That has been mostly because of a great century from Vice-Captain Chris Bellwood which amassed a score of 141, including 24 hit off one over, and just who only perished, stumped, within the last few over.

Aided by 68 from opener Drew Dawson, and their particular 169 run third wicket partnership, that generated a Dumfries total of 271 for 4.

In answer Renfrew had been constantly under the force of works. Niall Alexander took two crucial top purchase wickets, including compared to expert stated for 24, the next wicket to-fall.

Alan Davidson ended up being the leading top wicket taker with three as Renfrew reached 229 for 8 and Bellwood added a further four captures behind the stumps to seal the Building Tec Man of the Match honor.

APD Dumfries’s next league game is against Drumpellier yourself on Saturday.

Dumfries 2nds, Eco-Genics Nunholm, lost out-by three wickets in the lowest rating encounter at Renfrew against Dean Park inside Western Premier Reserve League. Mark Irwin had been the Andersons Kilts Nunholm Man of Match with an aggressive 44 in a total of 127. The Nunholm bowlers managed to make it challenging with firstly, Jim Patterson taking two wickets, and conceding only eight works, after which Jerry Goodin three ahead of the opposition achieved their particular target with seven wickets down.

Dumfries Females on their nationwide League firstOn Sunday Dumfries won through to the last of this Murgitroyd Borders 20/20 with wins over Kelso and then St Boswells in the semi-final. At Kelso, Tom McBride and Chris Brockwell apply a hundred years stand-in an imposing total of 166. Kelso scored 130 in reply. It had been a 63 run win at St Boswells as Dumfries totalled 145 with Campbell Potts the utmost effective scorer with 49. Scott Beveridge took nine wickets throughout the two games for the Dickies Bar athlete of this Day.

In addition on Sunday Dumfries Women lost their first Women’s National League match at George Watsons. The Edinburgh side’s total of 181 for 3 proved too much to chase with Dumfries scoring a creditable 133 for 7 in their 30 overs.

Loz labeled as up for the ReiversMargaret Miller was the Parkdale Garage athlete associated with the complement for her very first fifty and Captain Sue Strachan included a very important twenty-one.

28 05 2013

Present champions Dumfries A travelled to joint frontrunners Stewartry CSC with both teams protecting their 100% begins in accordance with residence benefit Stewartry used this to claim a 3-1 victory and secure top place in the league within halfway phase. In the other match Dumfries B travelled to Moffat to handle Beechgrove on a wet and windy night. Both groups played through challenging conditions with a 2-2 draw being a reasonable cause the conclusion.

In the women league only one planned match were held with Dumfries a keeping the unbeaten start to the season undamaged with a 2-2 draw at home to Beechgrove.

Primary CricketThe men’s fixtures for the 29th might have Dumfries B enjoyable Stewartry CSC whilst existing champions Dumfries a would be the away staff against Dumfries C.

When you look at the ladies league this week only one match is scheduled for fool around with Beechgrove hosting the reigning champions Dalbeattie.

Junior Leagues

After some slack of a long period the D&G Junior leagues made a welcome return with teams from Lochmaben, Dalbeattie, Moffat and Dumfries taking part. Within the 16 and under league both Lochmaben and Moffat made winning starts beating Dumfries and Dalbeattie respectfully. In 14 and under leagues there have been victories for Dumfries, 2-1 away to Dalbeattie B and 3-0 home to Moffat and Dalbeattie C beat Moffat 2-1.

23 05 2013

The draw for the knockout phases of this year’s Scottish Cup sees Dumfries men’s group play host to fellow South of Scotland staff Prestwick on Saturday 1st Summer with a 1pm begin.

The Ayrshire staff overcome Stewarton and Ayr LTC to attain the nationwide knock-out stage whilst Dumfries received a bye to the knock-out stage as hardly any other D&G club joined the function.

In females occasion neighbors Dalbeattie face a lengthy drive to Aberdeen to handle Cults.

The very first round connections are played a week on Saturday (first Summer) because of the finals at Craiglockhart on Sunday 23rd Summer.

Loz receives his Dumfries Cap complete Scotland Cap for Kirsty Smiling for digital camera Robert McBride top scored for Dumfries

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Anderson wearing a skirt Uhm a Kilt I meant
Anderson wearing a skirt ... Uhm a Kilt I meant
Kinloch Anderson Kilts and Highland Dress
Kinloch Anderson Kilts and Highland Dress
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