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December 2, 2021
How to play the bagpipe

IMG_0139is it feasible that no one likes bagpipes? The actual reputation for my Outlander rating is eventually revealed in my most recent video web log:

is a quick little mockumentary about my passion for Scottish folk music, ultimately causing might work on Outlander. Like my now-infamous “A Day within the Life” video, “Nobody loves Bagpipes” is deep truth veiled beneath a thin sheen of hyperbole. Continue reading for exclusive behind-the-scenes photos:

(Sessions with Eric Rigler almost constantly seem like this.)

(The beginning and end of my voice-over profession.)

The movie features the brilliant Eric Rigler, the bagpipe player on all my jobs, and cameos by showrunners David S. Goyer (Da Vinci’s Demons, Constantine) and Ronald D. Moore (Outlander, Battlestar Galactica).IMG_0882 extra voices were supplied by Kyle Marie Colucci, Drew Gilbert and Arthur Johnson, and Young Bear was portrayed by Tyler Schott.

(A tough trip to any office)

(Kyle’s many duties included caring for an almost century-old pair of bagpipes!)

(Another difficult trip to any office)

“Nobody loves Bagpipes” had been directed by Arthur Johnson, and edited by Ed Marx with some help from Andrea Porter. The sound design and mix were done by Demetri Evdoxiadis. Unique effects had been by Gabe Conroy at Cinesaurus. Jason Akers and Omer Ben-Zvi provided music editorial assistance.

IMG_0962(incentive nerd things to anybody who knows who this is certainly back at my t-shirt.)

(… What?)

(Don’t be concerned, honey. Your daddy is not homeless and crazy… however.)_

Huge unique thanks, big hugs, and immeasurable gratitude are due to Katie Agarth, Olivia Blisset, Joanna Pane, Kyle Marie Colucci, Jessica Huber, Beth Krakower, Joe Augustine, Ted Sheridan, Jesse Hartov, Steve Kaplan, Ed Trybek, Henri Wilkinson, and everybody at Sparks & Shadows.

(He held that straight face for an excellently few years, however in the end, i acquired him laughing!)

IMG_1069 IMG_1103 IMG_0122 IMG_1129
Bagpipe Music
Bagpipe Music
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