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October 1, 2020
Top 10 Best Bagpipe CDs
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My design, initially made for Pete Stewart when he played with the late-lamented Sheffield musical organization Tight Squeeze, is closely modelled on an example from the 15th Century Ellesmere Manuscript, showing the Miller on horseback. Their mouthblown bagpipe is typical of the which can be found in Europe during the Medieval period.

It's a loud and striking pipeline, but it blends amazingly well with all the quieter Leicestershire Small pipe.

Simply click to know "The success"
(Solo English Great Pipe in large D)

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(Duet English Great pipes in G and minimal D)

The D chanter is conical and plays in identical octave given that D penny whistle, making use of half-closed fingering. Various semitones can be had making use of "forked" or cross-fingering. There is no thumb opening, the top D becoming obtained by venting the top little finger hole just. The tiny finger gap at the bottom gives the C-sharp leading note. Chanters can certainly be created using a C-natural leading note or a double hole just like a recorder offering a choice of C or C-sharp.

The D drone is impressive. Its almost four feet long, in four areas with a large, flared bell. Its tuned to D three octaves underneath the bottom D of this chanter, a wondrous reasonable note. It may be tuned up to sound an E or tuned right down to C. In the event that chanter has actually a C-natural leading note there are probabilities of playing in C with the 7th little finger hole whilst the key note.

Using this initial design in D We have developed a selection of English Great Pipes in various secrets. It's opened up interesting music opportunities for pipelines become played in consort, as well as be heard on The Goodacre Brothers CD "Bag Up Yer Troubles".


Chanters can be found in large D, C A, G and low D (an octave less than the high D chanter).

Tall D
The first chanter described at length

This is the chanter I prefer most regularly with the Goodacre Brothers. I believe of the as a D chanter with three fingers on. Pre-owned similar to this with a reduced D drone it's suited to playing in a trio with a high and reduced D pipelines. The fingering is half-closed and there is a thumb gap.

This is certainly similar to the A chanter, but pitched a tone lower. My preferred drone arrangement is a bass G with a tenor D that can be tuned right down to C whenever playing in C. This creates a versatile pipe that blends really with all the hurdy-gurdy and is perfect for dance music.

Minimal D
This chanter is an octave lower than the high D. It makes use of an open or half-closed fingering and it has a flash gap. It plays most semitones and is suitable for people with a wider stretch of hands. Various drone plans are feasible: a single reasonable D; a decreased and high D or a decreased D with a tenor tuneable to G or A.


The case has actually a swan-neck and is produced from hand-sewn leather. Three sizes can be obtained - pipes are usually fitted with the standard-sized case. If two drones are fitted a medium sized bag are a benefit, and is important with three drones. A much bigger bag could be fitted for people with long arms and a taste for dramatic.


The first design is extremely versatile; an individual bagpipe with a low D drone are fitted with a split stock and now have interchangeable chanters in high and reasonable D, C and A. The G chanter may also be used by detatching a drone part and reeding it up to relax and play in G.

With an individual drone it is essentially a Medieval bagpipe. I make a Renaissance version by installing a tenor drone in a common stock using bass drone. This second drone is a frequent feature of several sixteenth Century bagpipe pictures. My 2nd drone would generally be D an octave higher, though a G/A drone is an alternative. The excess drone provides a sophisticated, richer sound that will be especially efficient whenever playing the pipelines solo.

A 3rd drone can also be suited to increase the harmonic color. A supplementary drone or drones could be made and suited to some pipes later on, typically of matched lumber.

The base element of a drone can be triple bored which significantly reduces its general size. The sum total period of a straight-bored reasonable G drone is finished 5 foot!

G/C English Great Pipe with bass drone in G and tenor in D or C. Plum, with boxwood supports.

I'm able to include unique features particularly smaller bell concludes, different styling, box or horn supports . Matching pipes are ordered in the same wood, leather-based and styling. The English Great Pipe may be bellows blown if needed. Please contact myself if you want to discuss the different opportunities.

Green-man english great pipe
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Music Bagpipes~Lone Piper~Ae Fond Kiss
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Music ~Time To Say Goodbye ~ Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.
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