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March 16, 2011
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Highland dance championSheila Vilvens, svilvens@communitypress.com

Breagh MacKinnon together with her instructor Andrea Tronnes on US InterRegional Highland Dance Championship in Atlanta, where MacKinnon won the title for 7 and under 12 group.(picture: As a result of Neil MacKinnon)

Breagh MacKinnon may seem like the standard Mercer Elementary School sixth-grader enthusiastically beginning a whole new school 12 months.

In 2010, but she comes back to class after another amazing summer time of successes including being known as the entire champion of United States InterRegional Highland Dance Championship for 7 and under 12 category. Your competitors was July in Atlanta.

The name instantly earns MacKinnon, the girl of Neil and Leanne MacKinnon, a slot in after that year’s national competitors plus the opportunity to contend at the globe competitors next year in Scotland.

It appears Highland dance is a means of life when you look at the MacKinnon home. MacKinnon and her more youthful sisters, twins Ashlynn and Kaylee, took lessons and competed since age 5. MacKinnon has already been within greatest level of party feasible, premiere. She began dancing only at that degree at age 9. the woman sisters aren't far behind her dancing within advanced level.

“The women was raised in Nova Scotia and it also was the main tradition there, ” Leanne MacKinnon. “I thought, ‘we have girls, we’re probably do so.’”

Because Highland dance is so difficult, young ones usually don’t start until age 5.

“It’s amazing. It’s athletic. There’s much sophistication, ” Leanne MacKinnon stated. “It’s beautiful. It’s regal. These are ancient dances that have been carried out in Scotland since medieval times.”

it is in addition part of the MacKinnon family members’s Scottish history. Highland dance is difficult and challenging combination of energy, agility, action, music and costume. Unlike various other dance mediums, Highland dances are danced solo and in competitors. These are typically done to old Scottish music played by bagpipe.

Great instructors and training are keys to Breagh MacKinnon’s success. She methods about 60 minutes every day, each day, and two-days per week with her current teacher Andrea Tronnes via Skype. A large television is conveniently positioned near the MacKinnon’s in-home dance studio. Tronnes life in Houston, Texas, and has worked with MacKinnon since she had been 9. The two very first met at a competition where Tronnes had been a judge.

“It’s great having a teacher that is a judge because I'm able to ask her, ‘what do you consider I’ve got, ’” MacKinnon stated.

Various other educators through the years are Trish Nuzzo in Arizona, and also the instructors regarding the Celtic Rhythm Dance class (Erin Brien, Heather Daigle and Marla MacInnis) in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

From her teachers, MacKinnon has actually discovered skills as a dancer and competition.

“It doesn’t make me personally stressed, ” MacKinnon stated of onlookers.

“I don’t really notice the individuals. I simply give attention to my dance. Andrea informs me, ‘just do your work, there after it is the judges’ choice what's going to take place. However If you do your work, probably anything good will come of it.’”

The opportunity to participate from the word phase is unquestionably the nutrients via MacKinnon’s work. When preparing for the world competitors, MacKinnon stated that she'll definitely must exercise more than one hour each day. She’s looking towards your competition also to witnessing the castles in Scotland.

With an action that requires month-to-month happen to be competitions through the US, numerous costumes costing just as much as $1, 400 each, and teachers and training, Highland dancing calls for a family dedication.

There clearly was give up as well as the must establish priorities for all included, Leanne MacKinnon stated. Despite having all this, the MacKinnons keep it very low keyed.

The children are developing life skills from their particular experiences and studying a discipline they can carry on into adulthood.

“if they have actually that style of potential, you must help them to attain it, ” Leanne MacKinnon stated. “They need really want it around. They have to have the drive and focus plus the enthusiasm for this. Then you’ve reached possess moms and dads support it. And then you need a great teacher.”

As well as Highland dncing, MacKinnon enjoys using the woman pals, really loves hamsters, and enjoys music.

She plays the violin with all the Mercer Orchestra and it is discovering Irish tunes (reels and jigs) and Scottish and Nova Scotia style fiddling along with her Scottish dance songs from teacher Justin Bonar-Bridges regarding the Riley class of Irish Fiddling.

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relaxing music 3 - Highland dance
relaxing music 3 - Highland dance
Highland Dancing
Highland Dancing
Epic Celtic Music & Dance - Spirit Of The Highlands
Epic Celtic Music & Dance - Spirit Of The Highlands
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