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May 15, 2024
J.w. anderson Light Blue

The Skilt tale

Hi, my name is Richard. I am the designer, sample manufacturer, design, website owner, and sales manager only at Skilt. Alongside the manufacturing group in our Bethnal Green workshop I aim to bring you exceptional high quality kilts that are eye-catching and practical to put on.

How it began

I bought my very first kilt in about 2002 – a cheap black colored one that i recently wore to go clubbing. It wasn’t until 2007 while I became on vacation in the usa whenever I saw my very first contemporary kilt with press studs and pockets – a Utillikilt. Upon returning to London I went on the internet and purchased myself one. I adored it. We wore it around town and liked the reactions. I was addicted.

One day I happened to be searching down at pants of my pinstripe fit and I also got the concept generate a pinstripe button-up kilt. I got myself some material, my buddy revealed me personally how exactly to thread the woman sewing machine and, many hours later on, I experienced made my first kilt. It was some short and quite harsh all over sides but I was pleased with it. Actually people’s response ended up being so good that I decided to simply take things more.

Commando Kilts

One-night I'd a thought for a kilt brand name. Commando Kilts. I liked the playful allusion from what lies beneath and association because of the military. I acquired right on the web and checked to see if the Address had been offered and, to my surprise and delight, it absolutely was. I was excited.

Across next couple weeks I done a logo design, got permission from Wilkinson Sword to feature the Fairbairn-Sykes commando dagger, and delivered my application on patent workplace to see easily could register it.

There were a couple of objections and I ended up being slightly concerned that Royal Navy’s appropriate division could get hefty with me. As I had been waiting to find out the result we go about designing a better kilt.

I liked my Utillikilt but a couple of things bugged me personally about any of it: the pouches were not detachable, in addition to waistline wasn’t adjustable. An engineer by training, I start picking out a stylish design that will deal with these issues. Across after that couple of months I made myself kilt after kilt. Every one testing another concept.

The very first thing for right was the pockets. After many iterations I found that a simple strip of velcro coupled with buckle loops for energy did the job. Styling smart I took motivation from British Army combat garments. My very first manufacturing design had been the fight Kilt. We prearranged manufacturing in Vietnam … but performedn’t however have the trademark on ‘Commando Kilts’. Can I wait? Or can I produce another name as an end space?


Tom Vincent, a classic buddy of mine, developed title Skilt in a brainstorming program. I didn’t enjoy it to start with nonetheless it kind of grew on myself. We liked its convenience, it was less overtly army macho, and possibility it could types of function as the ‘hoover’ or ‘xerox’ associated with the modern-day kilt.

The custom logo relocated rather rapidly from a swooshy S to a squished S to portray the folds associated with the pleats.

The habits had been made, the label was created, and a couple of months later on my very first batch of ‘Combat Skilts’ arrived from Vietnam.

The London kilt

The kilts from Vietnam were pretty good and folks liked all of them. Nevertheless they weren’t precisely what I'd expected and I also was let down. Communication had been always going to be a concern and you will scarcely deliver a kilt back into be modified if you spot an issue. We needed somewhere more local.

Volunteering at a Whitechapel sewing charity for individuals coping with emotional infection I was lucky to receive stitching university fees from the wonderful Arif and Anhar. Due to their help I developed the Classic Skilt design that do not only nailed the waistline adjustment concern but also pioneered a modular approach to kilt building that permitted for less complicated habits, alternating pleats, inserted pleats, and reflected piping.

After testing a few regional workshops Arif put me personally touching my existing manufacturing group. They have been a busy bunch and it will often be a challenge to suit the kilts into the manufacturing routine but they constantly pull the stops out an individual needs a kilt for a unique event.

The long term

Kilts are gaining in popularity as guys across the world accept their particular imagination and individuality. I hope that Skilt will continue to delight men and women around the world.

If you should be passionate about kilts in general and Skilts particularly I’m open to the likelihood of partnerships of types. If you should be experienced in PR or fashion retail consequently they are enthusiastic about helping take Skilt to the next level please get contact.

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bagpipe music
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