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June 23, 2023
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96/71/1 Miniature bagpipes, fabric / wood / metal, Henry Starck, London, England, [1920]-1962

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Miniature bagpipes, fabric / wood / material, Henry Starck, London, The united kingdomt, [1920]-1962Makers mark-on chanter records Henry Starck at 12 Kentish Town rd, NW1

Conflicting information shows the company of Henry Starck relocated to 6 Kentish Town path, London in 1920 and closed-in 1962. (ref: Another research proposes the business relocated from 31 Drummond Crescent NW1 at an unspecified day to 100 Park Way, Camden Town, later getting 12 Kentish Town path, NW (see citation).
The mark-on this collection of bagpipes provides the target 12 Kentish Town Road.

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Supply unknown

This item record happens to be incomplete. The details offered may date right back as far as 125 years. Various other information may exist in a non-digital type. The Museum will continue to update and add new research to collection files.

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