Flower of Scotland Bagpipe music

September 1, 2020
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To enjoy 20 years of music together, Ilse Harris and Johanna de Groot recorded a CD to provide as a present to family and friends. After numerous demands when it comes to record's sheet songs, the concept found develop a play-along CD making sure that other zither people could enjoy playing and a backing musical organization. In this specific article, Ilse Harris stocks her recording knowledge, from concept to truth.


To make a record with play-along CD for zither players of quick but tuneful tunes.

As a clarinet and saxophone instructor I find play-along CDs very useful to help make classes more pleasurable and also to have a new strand to the formal teaching of machines, technical exercises and traditional pieces. Beginners particularly enjoy playing and a backing CD, if their particular part is straightforward to relax and play, appears good and they have anything to do for family. Having a good backing musical organization in the CD enables you to enjoy having fun with other individuals.

There is certainly an ideal choice of good play-along magazines available for all musical organization devices, electric guitar and piano but i discovered absolutely nothing much when it comes to zither. We opted for folk songs, because most people understand about several and playing a familiar track tends to make learning such simpler. My zither friend Johanna was of good assistance as she had been a professional performer taking a trip all-around Australian Continent included in a duo performing and playing the zither.

We became familiar with audio recording whenever my sons nevertheless lived at home. They'd a recording studio in the house and produced many CDs. We aided by providing the band performers.

Budget Estimate: 5 to 7 Thousand AU$

Time Frame: 1 year


We made a summary of my fifty favourite people songs (German/Austrian/American/ Italian an such like) and sent the list to APRA/AMCOS the Australian Copyright Agency to learn whether tracks were inside general public domain (without any copyright) or just who to approach for print authorization. A license needs to be obtained per song to lawfully print music/and or words, and a fee has to be compensated into composers (if still alive) or their copyright holders. Typical people songs are often free of copyright.


Print authorization is the permission to replicate the song on paper. This included a lot of letter composing to writers. Australian songs writers were the simplest and cheapest: they had a decreased minimum cost for tiny works. We paid $230 for six songs. “Natsu Na Omoide” from Japan was $75. “Flower of Scotland” Corries Scotland, requested the absolute minimum charge of 50 weight ($148).

Other songs proved too expensive also it became too difficult if copyrights had been held by several international organizations or even the songs had restrictions on globally circulation. So my short-list of fifty songs got whittled down seriously to thirty-nine tracks, for a fee around $500.

Source: www.zither.us
Music ~Flower of Scotland ~Lone Piper~ Bagpipes.
Music ~Flower of Scotland ~Lone Piper~ Bagpipes.
Celtic Bagpipe Music - Flower of Scotland (Crowd Singing)
Celtic Bagpipe Music - Flower of Scotland (Crowd Singing)
Flower of Scotland
Flower of Scotland
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