Mountain Hardwear Elkommando Kilt

September 1, 2019

The Elkommando has got the convenience aspect of a kilt. Nevertheless fit makes a little is desired. Most kilts tend to be about six inches wider in the hips as compared to waist, and that meets nearly all guys. However the Elkommando seemingly have less of a positive change, and thus a kilt that meets throughout the waistline is a bit tight across the hips. I was thinking I experienced solved that by maybe not snapping the snaps at the hips, simply to end up with an abrasion on my left hip through the available breeze. Snapping simply the left one solved the difficulty.

After that there is the exact distance. At 21-22 inches, i have to put it on less than i might like to be able to contain it visited only above my knees, which is where a conventional kilt drops and where I feel comfortable with it. That's about normal for today's kilt; it is simply quite reduced than i'd like.

It might assist in the event that kilt ended up being flexible across the waistline. Many modern-day kiltmakers utilize velcro in the waistline to offer some adjustability. Nevertheless Elkommando features a snap and a belt. If it's just right or a bit loose, that's great. However if you are simply a tad larger than the upper end of this waistline measurement, you will need to increase a size.

With regards to got wet in a rainstorm, it was nevertheless comfortable to wear and dried rapidly. I've discovered it to be refreshingly cool in summer, and also the waistband wicks well. I've perhaps not tried it in winter.

Considering that the waistline is actually non-adjustable, it layers well only if incorporating levels on the top.

Pockets are well-placed and big, and close securely with snaps.

After five days of backpacking, it seemed clean and amazing. It is great enough to put on casually around town. Up to now, I have one travel and one wearing-out on it, thus I would expect that it is holding up really, which is.

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