Bagpipes for Sale

September 16, 2022
Description: Bagpipes for sale

classified adverts logoSomething to market? Pipes, chanters, uniforms? Trying to find that old content of a magazine or an elegant dirk? Really, the place to fulfil your every piping or drumming desire is here now at PP Classifieds. For only £25 it is possible to spot an advertisement within the internet mag that may achieve thousands age. Add photographs at no extra charge. Purchase your advertising here after that email your content to Advertising will remain in situ for a minimum of 2 months.

Breathtaking pair of ebony, full ivory bagpipes which have been totally restored by Dunbar Bagpipes. The pipes tend to be dark ebony (see pictures and drone information above). These bagpipes are well-looked after and produce an excellent, hassle free, tone. Would match an player willing to invest in an excellent sounding bagpipe. Price is £2, 600 ono. Anyone enthusiastic about buying these pipelines should contact Wilma via email- or by telephone (3).

WW1 Era Lawries on the marketOutstanding James Robertson Bagpipe available

1948 James Robertson, Edinburgh, silver/ivory bagpipes (detail of projecting mount top image); runic design; David Naill blackwood chanter with gold sole; one owner; newly refurbished; pristine condition; $6, 000 USD.

Obtainable – Vintage group of Grainger & Campbell Silver & Ivory Pipes, circa. 1968, made through the firm’s P/M Donald MacLeod / John MacFadyen era; £3, 900 ono.

This bagpipe was played during the highest level of solo piping, winning awards at Oban & Inverness. Owner Iain Bruce, Australian Continent, writes: ‘Mounted in hallmarked gold and real ivory [see image above], this African blackwood pipeline was designed by Pipe Major Donald McKinnon (KOSBs) in assessment with Pipe significant Donald MacLeod.pipes oval The tool includes a unique Canmore hybrid case, the initial chanter, and a 1980s Naill chanter all in exceptional condition.
‘I happened to be taught initially by James Lawrie, from Linlithgow. From 1965 we studied piobaireachd in Australian Continent with Donald McKinnon which hailed from Skye. He'd already been pipe major for the KOSBs to about 1955, and had had some time with Donald MacLeod at Fort George. ‘Donald MacKinnon composed the favorite reel The Sound of Sleat, and lots of other tunes.
‘During the seventies I proceeded piobaireachd study with Bob Nicol, Malcolm McRae and soon after Jim McIntosh. I won the Gold Medal in Hobart in 1972, whenever Bon Brown judged. I happened to be 4th in the Open Piobaireachd at Oban in 1974, and put in the gold Medal at both Oban and Inverness in 1984, each and every time playing my Grainger pipelines. Pricing is £3, 900 o.n.o’

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Bagpipes for Sale
Bagpipes for Sale
german big medieval bagpipes - for sale
german big medieval bagpipes - for sale
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