Kilt Jackets for Sale

January 17, 2020
Used Jacket: Argyle

Kapital Kilts-463At Kapital Kilts we strongly have confidence in only offering the greatest quality highland use. We provide only 8 lawn hand made – hand-sewn kilts (9 yards if necessary) and all sorts of of our trews and coats tend to be handmade to your precise requirements. All built in Scotland.

We provide any things independently or as our extremely popular highland ensemble packages.

Kilt Purchase Outfit Include – £899:

  • 8 lawn handmade hand sewn kilt (choice of tartans)
  • Jacket and waistcoat in a made to order (chosen fabrics, linings and design)
  • Ghillie Brogues
  • Kilt Hose (range of tints)
  • Kilt Flashes (Choice of colours)
  • Evening Dress Sporran (selection of designs and skins as much as £180)
  • Evening Dress Shirts (chosen colour and style)
  • Cravat wrap or bow tie (chosen color and magnificence)

Recommended Extras:

  • Old & Rare tartans add £100

8 Backyard Handmade Hand Sewn Kilt – £395

Bespoke Design Jackets and Waistcoats: from £300

We specialise in totally bespoke designed making to measure jackets and waistcoats. You are able to create your very own design from epaulets, pouches and cuff detailing, alongside fabric, buttons and coating alternatives. These jackets are totally made to measure to allow them to be tailored to your specific sizes. This method allows you to have a completely individual jacket and guarantee to stand out from the group!

Made-to-measure Tartan Trews from £199

Great option for every informal event, like family members meetings and parties. Scottish pants will be the best choose to wear at your golf club. Elegant and original item which fulfill and brighten up your everyday outfit!

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