Harris Tweed Kilt jackets

August 26, 2022
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Crail Tweed Jacket CollageConstantly developing well in popularity, Tweed Jackets are now the go to option for an all round jacket. Tweed jackets could be wore with a variety of clothes, providing you a range of different appearance. We stock a few hundred Tweeds to chose from and generally are the actual only real place in the planet where you are able to see swatches of all of the Scottish and English mills Tweeds in-store!

Where you can Wear Your Tweed Jacket

The flexibleness of a Tweed Jacket means is may be worn at both time and informal occasions. You are able to wear a Tweed Jacket to perform a Highland Kilt ensemble for time events like weddings, highland games, funerals, ceilidhs, events, dinners etc. A Tweed Jacket without epaulettes are used like a sports coat, despite jeans, chinos or trousers – providing you with a 3 in 1 jacket!

A Tweed Jacket is suitable for every event, but really should not be worn to a black-tie event. (A dark navy or black colored tweed jacket could be acceptable for Black Tie activities, yet not recommended.)

made-to-measure Tweed Jacket Cuff Stylesjust how to put on your Tweed Jacket

Jackets should always be used with simple, tweed or tartan ties or ruche cravats, with optional five option waistcoat.

The best choice of shirt to fit with a Tweed Jacket is a typical collar top. For a few weddings, spread bat wing t-shirts are used with a ruche cravat. We recommend you wear a semi dress, time or dress sporran according to your top and tie choice. When selecting your hose pipe you must choose a colour similar to that of your jacket for example you'll choose grey or black colored if your shirt and sporran are black colored. Off white hose pipe must not be used with a tweed coat.

Tweed Jacket Styles

switch Options for Tweed JacketsOn Houstons Made to Measure Tweed Jackets we provide 3 standard styles, each decided by the cuff option chosen:

Note: Any cuff design are made and created by you to ultimately satisfy your style and fit.


The Crail Jacket has an all round functional appearance with a right cuff and one switch. This jacket are worn to both formal and informal occasions. Ideal day wear Jacket and it has the flexibleness to worn casually, even ideal with jeans or chinos.


An Argyll Jacket can be acknowledged by the gauntlet cuff, which add a little bit of bulk towards sleeve. More formal versus Crail cuff, well suited for time wear or for a more prestigious time event.


The Braemar Jacket follows the exact same button style on cuff given that Prince Charlie cuff – a number of buttons vertically regarding forearm of this cuff.

Epaulette choices for Tweed JacketJacket modification

Our Made to Measure Tweed Jackets tend to be tailored for the every need, with every small styling information flexible generate the most perfect coat available. We stock all Scottish, English plus some Irish Tweeds with thousands to pick from. Harris Tweed and Wool Cashmere blend can also be found on demand. We also offer over 100 various lining color options to get the jacket looking perfect.

A few of the additional options for customization include pocket quantity and position, jacket lining, epaulettes, key style and number of buttons, added buttonhole, contrast cutting & stitching and Tartan inlays.
Embroidered initials and Clan Crests are also available on the inside pouches of your Made to Measure Jackets.

Epaulettes are added in different styles on arms of Jacket (simple or Pleated) – Epaulettes should simply be worn with a Highland Outfit (Kilt or Tartan Trews).

There are lots of switch options for your Bespoke Tweed Jacket – we recommend Imitation or genuine Stag Horn as they provide the jacket the best appearance. Stag-horn buttons have actually an excellent time put on appearance and present the jacket a geniune experience.

As you can see, Tweed Jackets are the perfect versatile option for your Highland ensemble – a Jacket to add to your wardrobe to give your Highland Outfit a substitute for a formal Jacket.

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