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October 13, 2020
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Various Tweed JacketsWith all made-to-measure Bespoke products there is frequently need for just a little fine tuning to ultimately achieve the perfect fit. A Jacket may be passed on through a family or the wearers weight may transform – small alterations could keep the Jacket fitted completely. If required, these tiny corrections are quick and easy to accomplish letting you look your absolute best inside our coats! From a Tweed Braemar to a Prince Charlie Jacket – all can be modified and that means you look your very best!

Who is able to do these modifications?

If any minor modifications are needed towards Jacket, we recommended using it to an area tailor, seamstress or some body with sewing experience. It will be helpful for them if you could pin the elements of the jacket you want to have altered and mark areas with chalk.

Sleeve Alterations

Regarding your Jacket Sleeves being too-long, our Jacket Sleeves can easily be shortened. Just pin and chalk the region that needs reduced – buttons may be reattached in a place if required.

Tweed Jacket Sleeve prepared for being reducedShoulder Alterations

The Shoulders of your Jackets can also be chipped if required, producing a chiselled fit around your arms. Firstly mark down just what should be paid down and pin the material toward new position. The tailor will then manage to obviously see just what has to be done.

Here you can observe the Shoulder of a Tweed Jacket Pinned and Chalked to be changed

Straight Back Seam Alterations

The centre seam along the straight back of one's Jacket is yet another location that may be modified. This seam are drawn in, producing a far better fit around the back if required. Often the back seam also contain some additional fabric, making it possible for the rear of the jacket is widened somewhat. Again, chalk and pin the cloth towards the proper complement the tailor to see.

Right here you can view the rear Seam of a Tweed Jacket Pinned and Chalked to be Taken In

Part Seam Alterations

At either part of the jackets, under the arms, tend to be part seams. These could be used in when there is too much space quietly of jacket, providing a more fitted finish to your coat. Marking from area that needs worked on is simply the just like with the back regarding the jacket. The stitching is probably unpicked plus the cloth regarding the jacket folded into the desired fit and restitched.


We hope this alteration guide lets you look your best while increasing the lifetime of your Jacket! If you need more advice with regards to Jacket changes or other things relating to your Highland ensemble you'll get in touch with the store, in which we are a lot more than pleased to assist!

Classic Crail Tweed Jacket, as worn with kilts
Classic Crail Tweed Jacket, as worn with kilts
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