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October 7, 2020
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965574_10201298082637717_197679172_o“Our objective is to continue to lead the casual-kilt revolution by providing customers with high quality informal kilts and add-ons, at exceptional prices, associated with outstanding service.”

Created in 1995, Sport Kilt may be the initial company to begin making casual kilts in the USA. We took the original kilt concept and crafted a laid-back kilt making use of contemporary products. It is an ideal fit for the requirements of Highland Athletes and casual-kilt aficionados alike. Sport Kilt offers a choice for folks looking for a tartan (plaid) kilt that is cheaper, comfortable, lighter, and sturdy, however machine washable. Athletes around the globe love competing in Sport Kilts and, consequently, we have acquired the endorsement for the Scottish American Athletic Association. Kilts are becoming increasingly popular for each day wear, and now we are pleased to be the best choice of this trend.

With an ever-increasing selection of tartans, including our personal brand of initial styles, Sport Kilts expense about one tenth that the traditional wool kilt. This, coupled with their easy apperance, convenience and design, cause them to well suited for having a great time in a kilt. Sport Kilts tend to be worn at Highland Games, Rock concerts, Celtic Festiivals, Coffee stores, restaurants, dog-shows (no kidding!) and beyond.

Aside from the first Sport Kilt, we continuously strive to update our manufacturer product line and as a result developed the favorite Boulder, Commando, “The Works” and a niche Hiking Kilt made of of an original, super-lightweight, quick drying out micro-fiber product to satisfy the desires of hikers and athletes. Available alternatives feature concealed pockets, sewn down pleats, buckle loops, a fringed edge regarding forward panel, part pockets, and leather-based buckle straps.

Every Sport Kilt is built in the united states of device washable polyester viscose blend textile

Recreation Kilts aren’t simply for grown up men both! We offer a variety of kilts for females and kids. (moms and dads will particularly appreciate a garment that's “durable and washable”.

Along with our full line of kilts, Sport Kilt offers a fantastic variety of accessories to supplement the kilt wearer: including sporrans, kilt pins, belts, tops, along with other things.

Folks often choose Sport Kilt because of their very first kilt as a result of our quick turn-around time and affordable prices. Many consumers return to get more kilts and add-ons after becoming content with our services.

We appeal to people looking to put on a kilt that is fashionable, comfortable, and modern-day, while celebrating our Celtic roots.

From professional athletes to designers and from carpenters to and trend-setters, we’ve constantly said which you don’t have to be Scot or Irish to wear a hobby Kilt!

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