Oil Paintings For Sale, UK

November 19, 2022
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investing British art online or at auction can seem complex. Red Rag provides an alternative to selling at auction with a resale solution for original works by British designers. The gallery acts as a brokerage on the part of customers wishing to offer British artworks, advising on marketplace price and finding art buyers. Commission rates are similar to those of significant auction houses and are usually inclusive of costs for promotion on the website or pictures in catalogues.

Attempting to sell paintings on a selling foundation with Red Rag will often achieve higher charges for vendors compared to attempting to sell at auction or even galleries. Most paintings offered are high value paintings by well known Uk performers.

Uk art works at this time available at Red Rag on behalf of clients

Uk art resale - artwork by Richard Adams

Uk art resale - oil artwork by Fred Cuming RA

Source: www.redraggallery.co.uk
oil painting for sale
oil painting for sale
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