Four Scottish Dances Malcolm Arnold

October 7, 2022
Concord Band - Four Scottish

Sir Malcolm Arnold(1) Arnold: A Gesture of Friendship

Talk provided by Festival Director Paul Harris, Royal & Derngate, Northampton, (RB)

The very first program of time 2 was at the Derngate cellar (known as ‘Underground 1 and 2’) and also this time it was only a little cooler than yesterday. Paul Harris with charm and subtlety talked us through lots of people who had added towards the Festival during the last a decade (130 concerts, 230 roughly Arnold works) and the Arnold biography he had written with Arthur Meredith. Arnold also had accrued numerous pals plus one group of all of them (the dedicatees of the many concertos) were presented in a photomontage. The session was illuminated with slides, sound clips as well as the end Paul offered to united states his very own excessively adept playing of the very very early Arnold piano miniature The Enchanted Garden: a pleasant innocent blossom, perhaps not a million miles out of the gentler miniatures of Billy Mayerl or Greville Cooke.

(2) Midday Orchestral Concert

Arnold. Northamptonshire County Youth Orchestra, Paul Truman (conductor), Andy Kirkwood (conductor), Royal & Derngate, Northampton, (RB)

Arnold Overture, through the film origins of paradise

Arnold Four Cornish Dances

Arnold Tam O’Shanter – overture

Arnold Symphony No 2 Op 40

The NCYO’s Sunday early morning concert is actually some thing of an installation inside festival of celebrations and a welcome one too. The Roots of Heaven ended up being an Errol Flynn movie – extremely proper considering that Northampton ended up being Flynn’s base when he worked during the nearby Royal Theatre within the mid-1930s before Hollywood beckoned. The Derngate’s filmhouse bears their title. Arnold’s overture is wide-screen sumptuous and also the NCYO brass particularly acquitted on their own with whooping exhilaration. The strings were less opulent versus product demanded but gratifying none the less. The Cornish Dances had been simply wonderfully done and therefore includes the testingly delicate, usually pianissimo-eerie 2nd party – really a tone poem in miniature – all wrecked tin-mine wheelhouses and fog. Tam O’Shanter had lots of boozy wallow and a Rabelaisian flush – by now the orchestra was well up working temperature. It speaks good things in regards to the younger orchestra as well as its conductors they can create results like this. This carried on in to the 2nd Symphony in which songs that could seem thick and smeared right here rang true with striking transparency and emotional influence. A lot of work must have gone into making such an elegant and confident result. Kudos all-round.

(3) Afternoon Presentation

Arnold. The Forgotten movies component 2, Presenter: John Griff, Royal & Derngate, Northampton, (RB)

After lunch attendees returned to the Derngate cellar for a remarkable two hour presentation by John Griff on Arnold’s Forgotten Films component 2. Part 1 was at last year’s event. It was extremely copiously illustrated with videos – frequently long – from some dozen films picked from among their 140 scores. Individuals know the big name results such as for instance Bridge on the River Kwai, Inn associated with the Sixth Happiness, Whistle Down the Wind and Dunkirk but think about these? John Griff included The Deep Blue water, It Started in haven, I am a Camera, A Hill in Korea and David Copperfield alongside seven other people. We examined and several of the can be seen in rather pallid copies on YouTube, if you're wondering.

Aside from a note in regards to the punishing schedule Arnold subjected himself to – frequently beneath the organising hand of Muir Mathieson – the clips also reminded us that Arnold as a genuine professional could switch their hand to a lot of styles: pastiches, pop music songs, night club music, faux-folk, latino plus the big epic production numbers. Several of the extracts reminded us how closely as well as in an apposite way he married their music to the level action and emotional measurements of this on-screen activity. His main brands music appears high alongside that of Korngold. There was clearly a lot here which was unforgettable alongside the greater workaday and ephemeral. The songs for David Copperfield – his last film, from 1970 – impressed me highly as did that the water Shall Not Have Them.

At the end John announced his hopes, and more perhaps, for a green plaque when it comes to building that now occupies the site of Malcolm’s Northampton house. (you will see a progress report the following year.) Town currently has a Malcolm Arnold Academy and a Malcolm Arnold primary no-cost college. Plaques, statues plus themed walks would complement exactly what the Festival continues to attain. It really brought this journalist to Northampton and I expect to get back.

(4) Chamber Concert

Arnold: The three Sinfoniettas: Chamber Orchestra performed by Hilary Davan Wetton, Royal & Derngate, Northampton, (RB)

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Four Scottish Dances - Malcolm Arnold
Four Scottish Dances - Malcolm Arnold
Four Scottish Dances - Op. 59 - Malcolm Arnold - SYO
Four Scottish Dances - Op. 59 - Malcolm Arnold - SYO ...
MALCOLM ARNOLD - Four Scottish Dances
MALCOLM ARNOLD - Four Scottish Dances
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