Under your Kilt

September 30, 2022
You wear under your kilt?

Jump aboard and tilt yer Kilt to a muckle o’ the very best Scottish, Gaelic and Celtic rings this region of the pond on formal after-party for Queen Mary's ScotsFestival.

Prepare yerself for a wild trip with real time songs from the loves of WICKED TINKERS and more! We will be celebrating Scotland's favorite boy and beloved poet and lyricist - The Bard, The Ploughman Poet, Robden of Solway Firth...Robert Burns! This Burns evening revelry would be packed with rockin' yer kilt, trivia and recital contests with rewards, club games, real time music, standard Scottish fare and of course, Scotch Whisky! Certified Scotch Whisky tasting sessions also offered!

The program kicks off at 6:30 in front of the ship at main stage. Rock Yer Kilt is available to all centuries with passes beginning at $15 online in advance & $20 at door.


Rock Yer Kilt violation holders can add-on a whisky tasting for $18 online or a craft alcohol tasting for $12 online! Tastings SELL away YEARLY

Whisky Tastings: Saturday - 7:30PM, 9:30PM
Craft Beer Tastings: Saturday - 6:30PM, 8:30PM

Wicked Tinkers merge the best of modern, nearly rock-and-roll energy with all the hypnotic, insistent grooves of the Gaelic ancestors. Rare could be the bystander who comes away without experiencing a surprising, occasionally bewildering connection to long-forgotten primal feelings ... half-memories of ages last and encounters nameless yet for some reason familiar. Wicked Tinkers produces songs setting your jaw, place a fire within stomach, a glint inside attention and a dance inside foot.

The Tinkers tend to be: award-winning piper and frontman Aaron Shaw; the delightfully outrageous Keith Jones on percussion (and "hollerin"); CJ Henderson taking infectious enthusiam to the stage on didgeridoos and bronze-age horn and Tiki King, attracting us in together with his offbeat love of life between savagely thundering their bass drum. If you haven't identified by now that the Tinkers are loud...well, we are going to only say that you might not be the sharpest dart when you look at the board.

Led because of the ever-charming and talented Brian Caldwell on electric guitar and vocals, Highland Way produce the ultimate high-energy, on-yer-feet, foot-stomping show. Joining Brian onstage tend to be Paul Graham Castellanos on fiddle, mandolin, guitar, banjo, Sharon Whyte, on accordion and keyboards, Bob purchase on percussion and drums, master of guitars Jim Soldi, and Glen Fisher on bass. The on stage synergy will ignite a fire in your heart and under your foot!

Breaking through the studio to host our Burns Night celebrations and elegance united states with his own colossal skill is San Diego and la Music Award champion, Colin Armstrong. Besides being very acclaimed for their singer-songwriting abilities, contemporary style and Dylan-esque storytelling perspective, Colin normally a world-class bagpiper!

From hauntingly gorgeous to cleverly naughty, the Belles of Bedlam change Celtic people up a notch! The Belles originated as a comedy troupe that sang Celtic music at renaissance faires and celebrations. After, they begun to integrate bawdier, however amusing tracks within their repertoire. While they’ve never ever strayed from their comedic origins, over the years the troupe is continuing to grow into an acoustic band that consistently play conventional and original Celtic people- now infused with a healthier dose of blues, stone and gospel to create their unique noise. Come take a bawdy vaudevillian romp because of the Belles of Bedlam!


STIRLING STAGE (Sea Walk Main Stage)
7:00pm HIGHLAND Method

NESSIE'S NEST (Region 6 Pub)
7:30pm Rock Yer Noggin Trivia Contest
8:30pm Robert Burns Recital Contest

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What Is Under Your Kilt?
What Is Under Your Kilt?
World Shut Your Mouth - Whats Under My Kilt
World Shut Your Mouth - Whats Under My Kilt
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