October 10, 2022
Lochcarron, Wester Ross

23On Wednesday 12th November, we held an Open Day to display our Rent buying and Greener houses projects that have been happening in town of Lochcarron.

The growth incorporates two lease purchase devices, as well as 2 Greener Home products. Whilst two Rent To Buy properties have now been assigned, the Greener houses remain designed for anyone who is interested in applying. (Application directions can be found towards end of the blog post).

04 The Greener houses Scheme is designed to assist individuals who would like to be property owners by providing them with the chance to purchase brand-new homes that are lasting, energy conserving and affordable. Like the lease to get scheme, these properties can be obtained to hire for a 5 12 months duration before the tenant is because of the chance to purchase the house at a discount of around 20per cent underneath the open-market price as a Rural Housing Burden is connected.

These contemporary homes built by Highland based contractors, MAKAR Construction, are all single tale, 2 bed room, semi-detached properties with each incorporating an extremely open-plan design, while allowing stunning views over the mountains and liquid.

As with every our Greener Homes jobs, the products seek to meet the highest of environmental standards, with every residence having a very reasonable total of embodied energy. By using in your area sourced timber in addition to natural non-toxic insulation along with other materials, the development seems to meet up top ecological criteria. The air-tight frameworks includes timber burning stoves generate a warm and and financially sustainable home for each family.

Yesterdays Open Day was a good success, enabling us to display these great new sustainable domiciles towards the local community and other individuals active in the project. We were truth be told there from afternoon towards the very early evening, with several visitors deciding to swing by to learn more about the project including get to see in the modern-day wood properties.
Even as we go to the colder winter months, numerous people to the properties commented on how the houses proved to great at maintaining the heat in, because of the wood burning up kitchen stove warming-up your house.
Potential tenants who were on open day had been additionally in a position to start thinking process of the way they are likely to furnish their new houses in an effort the make great new private lifestyle.

We're still accepting programs for the two remaining Greener Home properties, when you have an interest in using, or would merely like more information, go ahead and get in touch with me personally at michael.chisholm@hscht.co.uk. Alternatively, simply contact us on 01463 233 549.

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Invermoriston to Lochcarron
Invermoriston to Lochcarron
Lochcarron cruise.wmv
Lochcarron cruise.wmv
Lochcarron to Plockton June 25 2010.wmv
Lochcarron to Plockton June 25 2010.wmv
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