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July 22, 2021
Number one bagpipe makers
"i am making pipes for twenty years. I familiar with instruct individuals make all kinds of devices - hurdy-gurdys, dulcimers, violins, guitars and percussion. In addition adapted instruments for handicapped kids. In the belated 1970s We travelled to Ireland and saw the Uilleann pipes.i got myself a group at Dan 'o Dowd's destination and got lessons. My instructors were Paddy Keenan, Seamus Ennis, Davy Spillane, Johnny Bourke, an such like. Those splits had been collected on a yearly basis when you look at the Willy Clancy musical School in Miltown Malbay - a very great time.

"in the home I became one of the first who had a Uilleann pipe and aside from the GHB pipers there have been no others. Therefore maintain the thing going I experienced to master a lot about reeds and woodwinds, by experimenting. Therefore, gradually we became an ''expert'' (inside land of blind, a one-eyed man is king). My very first pipemaking instructor had been Remy Dubois, a well-known pipemaker in Wallonie (Belgium). Later on we started to make my own sets, and from now on making pipelines and teaching individuals (through company Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak) is my full time work.

Pipemaker Frans Hattink at the job in his store Frans making reeds inside the store.
"We also make use of this room for practising the bagpipe and hurdy gurdy
songs we make with your musical organization, Quarte-L."
"I make an effort to improve the technology of pipemaking. So, i take advantage of only the most useful products and much better answers to prevent having men and women have a problem with pipelines considering technical problems. The bagpipe is very much mistreated by musicians; they ignore the undeniable fact that a lot of maintenance is required. Therefore to keep the tool going the pipemaker has to think Mercedes Benz! The crucial thing is to look for best forests. I purchase my african american in Spain - they import it from Mozambique - and I also have actually good wood companies in France. Currently we additionally use forests from local woodlands and parks from the beginning for the century, where are observed unique forests, grown by shipping merchants just who traded using the East."
Dudelsackfabrik (bagpipe makers)
Dudelsackfabrik (bagpipe makers)
Alan Waldron Stirling Bagpipe Maker - making bagpipes
Alan Waldron Stirling Bagpipe Maker - making bagpipes
Scottish Bagpipe Makers
Scottish Bagpipe Makers
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