Kilts for Men

September 15, 2023
#1 NEW Outlander Photo Beware
Isabella reporting,

Some things never change. While there is undoubtedly as to the nerve shown by Highlanders in battle on the hundreds of years, the desire for what they're using (or otherwise not) beneath their kilts is apparently at the very least 2 hundred years of age, if this this printing is any indicator. (As always, please go through the picture to enlarge.)

In October, 1815, if this print ended up being made, the Treaty of Paris that finished the Napoleonic Wars had however is signed, but Paris and far of France had been occupied by troops from the Coalition nations that had defeated Napoleon. Among these nations ended up being the uk, whom added soldiers from Ireland, Wales, and Scotland as well as England.

Evidently the Highlanders shown here had been those types of soldiers occupying Paris. Strolling collectively through a park, they will have paused to get good fresh fruit from a vendor. Because they bend down seriously to complete their particular buy, the 2 fashionably dressed ladies behind them are making not-so-subtle excuses to flex over themselves - anyone to recover the kid's toy, one other to adjust the laces on her shoe - and thus gain a, ahem, much better view. The print's title, Le Prétexte, (The Pretense) states everything, does it not?

A little observation: although it's tough to determine the sex of kiddies within era since both tiny boys and girls were wearing very similar clothes, I'm guessing that the toddler within the printing, correct, is male since he's having fun with a basketball, rather than a doll, together with ribbon sash is purple, a masculine shade when it comes to time. In the event that you look closely, you'll see that beneath the kid's gown he could be is putting on collected pantalettes, meant to hold him good as he plays. The pantalettes be seemingly plaid, similar to the tartan of the soldiers' kilts. Hmm.
Drawing for 2013 Men In Kilts Calendar!
Drawing for 2013 Men In Kilts Calendar!
"Kilts were made for men"
"Kilts were made for men"
Kilts for men by alternative clothing brand Jed Phoenix of
Kilts for men by alternative clothing brand Jed Phoenix of ...
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