Scottish Bagpipes

August 22, 2023
Scottish boy drowns out

The bagpipes are the perfect tool to combat loud homophobic ranting.

They're equally strident and obnoxious, but way less hateful.

Additionally they whine at roughly similar regularity.

Which is why this Scottish lad deserves huge respect for busting out his 'pipes to drown out this street preacher while he established into a noisy homophobic screed:

Although it's just a little difficult to understand what the preacher is saying in movie below, an audience associated with weblog Joe. My. God. who was simply on the scene verified that the dude was screaming absurd homophobic nonsense during the time the hero Scot made a decision to whip from ol' set-o-bags.

Mike writes from Scotland to inform united states that he along with his partner had been out “enjoying the last of the sunlight" these days when they discovered a street preacher which was screaming on how homosexual marriage has actually ruined the economy. Then a bagpiper arrived.

The overall performance was hilarious — and crowd went crazy because of it.

The Scottish son's decision to relax and play the preacher out shows an important point.

An individual says nasty, bigoted things around you, occasionally the best thing doing is not to close all of them down, but to speak louder.

Or, if you fail to speak louder, perform a truly loud droning track regarding bagpipes, which are already a great deal, a lot louder.

Amazing Grace (Scottish Bagpipes)
Amazing Grace (Scottish Bagpipes)
Scottish Bagpipes - A Scottish Soldier ♫
Scottish Bagpipes - A Scottish Soldier ♫
Scottish Bagpipes Rocky Top
Scottish Bagpipes Rocky Top
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