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March 13, 2018
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Caution! You aren't gonna desire to put up your Christmas Lights this season!

Do you realy begin to see the Jones’ house across the street and desire to have a house like theirs? Decorated with sophisticated lighting effects on the top, all over house windows, and even within the drainpipe? Rather your property looks like this….

But this present year you think to yourself, “No I am able to do so, i understand I can!” and you’re probably about prepared pull that dirty, old package of lights-out of crawlspace and move on to work…but that most likely is not the most effective concept. In reality, we help you “DO NOT post your xmas Lights!” okay?

Here you will find the Top Three explanations as to why dangling your Christmas Lights is a bad idea:

men in kilts, web log, christmas lights, griswold1. Dangling Christmas Lights is dangerous work, and undoubtedly tiresome. If you get hurt or affect your home, you are accountable. At guys In Kilts we are fully guaranteed in order for suggests the work is finished at no risk or expense for you or your household. Do you really need to put yourself at an increased risk?

Need another reason?

You truly need another reason?

3. Okay, consider towards Jones’ once again. Yes they've an elaborate xmas Light show, but do they've the Men In Kilts carrying it out? A crew of men on ladders in kilts tends to change various minds, plus the xmas light screen will do so also!

Have you heard sufficient however? Great!

Then give us a call at 1.800.777.KILT and we will setup an on-site estimation with our kilted technicians who'll arrive at your home and create a game title plan that may result in your home getting the most readily useful lights display on the block, (better still than the Jones’).

Therefore please, DON’T put up your Christmas time lights this present year and let US get it done for you personally! Save your self the difficulty of working-out within the cold and the worry of taking care of ladders.

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