Bagpipe Tunes for weddings

September 16, 2022
Piper with wedding Couple

George Balderose at wedding ceremony

On Bagpipe Musical for Weddings and Receptions

For hundreds of years bagpipes are played for weddings not just in Scotland and Ireland, however, many europe too. Elegant and stately for chapel processionals, recessionals, or simply for the party of this occasion, the instrument heralds the marriage with music that speaks to history and tradition as few other devices can.

A few of the much more main-stream moments for bagpipe music during a marriage ceremony tend to be:


George Balderose with bride and groomUpon demand, I would personally be pleased to deliver prospective clients a totally free backup of my CD, "Bagpipe Music for Weddings", with tunes organized by these wedding ceremony "moments".

Below are a few tips for bagpipe songs at wedding ceremony receptions:

  • Playing away from hall as friends arrive.
  • Piping the wedding party to their seats as they arrive at the hall.
  • Playing during obtaining range.
  • Playing smallpipes while strolling among tables of guests
  • Playing during the beverage time
  • Playing for 10-15 minutes during an intermission inside musical organization's or DJ's music.

On my CD you are able to hear the tunes and pick those you would like to hear during certain moments of one's marriage ceremony or reception. Alternately, i might be glad to play any needs instead of my CD.

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Wedding Bagpiper - Piping the Bride Down the Aisle
Wedding Bagpiper - Piping the Bride Down the Aisle ...
The BagpiperStuart WoodWedding Ceremony Music for
The Bagpiper...Stuart Wood...Wedding Ceremony Music for ...
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