Wedding Bagpipe Tunes

December 12, 2019
Irish (& Scottish) Bagpipers

Ryan and EmilyI’ve played bagpipes at numerous weddings and there are many pointers and tips I’d want to share:

  • I really believe that a wedding is primarily about the bride. It’s her wedding day. Definitely the groom is also very important but many times the groom doesn’t have rather exactly the same some ideas together with exact same quality that a bride could have. It’s my task once the bagpiper to carry those wishes/dreams alive.
  • When you should do: I’ve already been expected to try out upfront, as guests arrive, I’ve preceded the bride and dad up the aisle and also played throughout the recessional escorting the new married couple out from the service. Often I’ve showed up as a surprise for either the bride, groom or friends. This calls for some preplanning but this has always worked perfectly in my opinion.
  • Entrance: one other option is and to have the bagpiper lead the groom and bride to the reception. This is effective as a grand entry.
  • Dress: if the wedding ceremony features Scottish dress I’ve also been called upon to steer the groomsmen on how best to use the kilt correctly and where each of the add-ons goes.
  • Desirable tunes for a marriage: Scotland the Brave- undoubtedly the most recognized bagpipe tunes in the world, When Irish Eyes are Smiling- this adds a unique Irish flair toward wedding ceremony, Murdo’s Wedding is a good positive track, two even more i recommend would be The Minstrel Boy and Crags of Tumbledown hill. Tune in to me playing these tunes right here. Ifthere are just about any tunes I most likely know them or can learn them.
  • Just what not to ever do: sometimes i've you demand Amazing Grace- I always talk all of them out of this. For some it raises thoughts of loss and grief- maybe not the fact we should do at a joyous celebration like a wedding!
  • Don’t forget: simply take photos with all the bagpiper. Often I’m requested and I’m constantly willing to just take pictures with bride, groom and anyone within wedding. It’s part of the experience plus it makes all the occasion very unforgettable for all.
  • Lastly: a bagpiper has got to communicate really using customer about the marriage. The bride and groom have a thousand other things to worry about. I don’t want them to worry about me. I shall often deliver them a reminder a couple of days beforehand simply to place their thoughts relaxed this an element of the wedding is certainly going as in the pipeline.
Bagpipe Songs for Weddings
Bagpipe Songs for Weddings
Wedding Bagpiper
Wedding Bagpiper
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