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November 6, 2019
2014 Event

flow within Edradour distilleryStream in the Edradour Distillery

Welcome to the Ceol Sean Master Index! This page will be your entry method to links for more than 6, 800 track options. But initially, please be sure that you have familiarized your self aided by the Navigation guidelines. To url to a tune setting, click the proper link for first page into the name for the tune from the "sub index" page connects shown below (and consider just how track names are alphabetized as explained within the Navigation Tips.) Could link to a "sub list" page who has an alphabetical listing of backlinks on tune configurations. From there, just scroll through the number to find the url to the desired setting. Should you want to search an entire a number of tune options, we recommend you utilize the PDF type of the Master Index. When making use of this PDF index, you ought to observe that there's a hyperlink on Master Index webpage at the top of the first-page. (should you be wondering, we tried working together with single directory of all tunes with backlinks, but the quality ended up being too big to-be workable.) Please remember the Master Index links tend to be for track settings only. Links with other things included in the tune selections (such as tutors, MacKay's account of the reputation for the tournaments, Fionn's Notes in David Glen's piobaireachd, etc.) are observed just from the specific collection pages. The "return to list" link based in the upper spot associated with the specific tune establishing data will link that these pages. Usually, you will have to use your straight back key to return on "sub list" page having the website link you adopted.
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