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January 11, 2020
Solo performances of folk

use the High pathSince August, 2010 websufers have-been in a position to view treasures from archives of Scottish Televison on movie revealing website YouTube. On the list of classic STV programmes made viewable on demand are popular crisis make the High path (later on renamed High Road), music show Thingummyjig, one-offs such as for instance STV’s very first broadcast from 1957, it is Scotland, and picked shows of historical Scottish football suits.

Wiped News spoke to David Paton, Media co-ordinator – STVPlayer on YouTube, in regards to the transfer to cyberspace, the possibility it gives to revisit programming through the last, as well as the look for missing material.


The STVPlayer on YouTube features a website and six channels/genres covering many classic STV programs from our archive. In addition holds current STV local programs on a catch-up basis, e.g. “The Hour” and “STV News at Six” in four regional editions. It absolutely was developed to offer users the opportunity to experience a number of the great programming with emerge from Scottish Television since its origins in 1957 right up until the current. The reason why on YouTube? Quite simply since it is the world’s biggest video clip site which today holds an ever-growing television shows part.


We’re really keen in order to make the maximum amount of of your archive content offered feasible, because it’s a significant part of your tv history and even cultural history. The shows have actually such many designs, formats and styles that it’s already been rather remarkable evaluating exactly how Scottish tv has developed and adjusted to in which we have been now. It’s a truly exciting concept becoming taking vintage footage from dating back the belated ’50s, which was trapped on a shelf for a long time, also to be showing it to a fresh, global audience in a high-tech manner.


Who could have predicted if they were filming ” (our first ever broadcast) that one time people all over the globe can view it 50 years afterwards products that fold up in palm of your hand? Whenever you look at the project like that, it truly opens up your eyes into amazing advancement that broadcasting generally speaking has gone through. It’s entertaining and a history tutorial simultaneously. Just who could ask for a lot more than that?


We joined up with the company in February last year, tasked with looking for actual copies of as many games as we could recuperate and transform for upload to YouTube. In fact, I’ve already been pleasantly surprised by the quantity of programming with survived and already been held in usable problem. Whenever I came, there clearly was a qualification of anxiety over just what we’d have the ability to pull together as it’s simply never ever been done before by the organization about this scale. Inevitably things lay on racks, collect dust and usually get forgotten about whenever they’re not in use. Broadcasting conditions tend to be fast-moving and always getting excited about the following project or concept, therefore it’s easy for all that old material just to rot away, disappear or have thrown out or disregarded because individuals don’t believe it’ll be required again. This might be changing now as prospect of future utilization of content is much better nowadays and STV will work on innovative and safe ways at this time assure we shield as much material even as we can going forward.


We’ve become very aware of just how a thing that seems insignificant in a programme today could mean anything so much more in years into the future. Exactly how a small-time or up-and-coming personality on a show these days could be the biggest title in show-business in a decade. We are able to now really value exactly how brilliant its to be able to go back to the beginnings of those tales (like Alan Cumming cutting his teeth in “use the High Road” and David Tenant’s first role in “Dramarama”).

Happily, as soon as i obtained begun pulling the games collectively, i came across that most programs and series had survived and many fantastic one off vintage titles were there also (whenever you can work-out the best place to seek out them). The STV library features well over 100, 000 tapes, closer to 200, 000, and are stored across different places including STVNorth (Grampian tv when it comes to old-school men).


It’s a big task to endure this to get and process dozens of programmes and now we had an excellent group pulling all of it collectively, digitising it and creating the hill of video footage and metadata we're uploading. We additionally relied heavily on individuals just harking back once again to years gone-by and making recommendations, remembering their own private favourites and putting tips into the hat for people to explore and try to get hold of. It absolutely was really a lot of fun sitting at our desks and somebody saying “Hey, bear in mind that one? It had been great! Do we now have it?” after that going to see what we're able to get a hold of. Many a layout track had been sung (poorly) in our small digitising hub as we reminisced!

Scottish Folk Music- Auckland NZ
Scottish Folk Music- Auckland NZ
Scottish folk music
Scottish folk music
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