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June 4, 2019
Sutherland Tartan Print Fabric

The common for the Sutherland Tartans is "Old Sutherland". This tartan initially starred in the 'Vestiarium Scotium' in 1842, even though there is evidence of a youthful Sutherland tartan. In 1618 the Earl of Sutherland wrote in a letter "to get rid of the purple and white outlines through the plaids regarding the men, to be able to bring their particular gown into harmony thereupon of various other septs." The old, weathered, modern and muted shade variants are believed become one tartan. The shades of shade differ, nevertheless basic colors and bond matters continue to be constant.

The thread matters and far of this historic information about these tartans had been gotten from:
The Scottish Tartan Community, Port-na-Craig Road, Pitlochry PH16 5ND, Scotland
Telephone: 044 (0) 1796 474079, Fax: 044 (0) 1796 474090
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Old Sutherland Ancient Colors Old Sutherland Weathered Colors In early times, wool had been colored with flowers, nutrients and other natural substances. The lighter old colors approximate the appearance of the colors that will routinely have lead. Whenever subjected to the current weather for very long enough, textile colored with vegetable dyes would diminish. The blues and greens became grays and browns. "Weathered" colors reveal how this could have appeared. Old Sutherland Modern Colors Old Sutherland Muted Colors When you look at the mid-1800's, fabric dyes became offered making it simpler to produce colors that were deeper or higher brilliant. Within the second Victorian period, dark clothes was highly popular. The muted colors are another more recent difference associated with the Old Sutherland tartan.
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