Welsh Kilts

April 3, 2024
Scottish Irish And Welsh Kilts

Tartan FinderOur Swansea shop is situated in Cwmdu Parc, off Carmarthen path (behind B&M and McDonald's). We've full try-on facilities, a large stock of Hire or retail Kilts and traditional suits with staff wanting to assist and advise on the outfits, Kilt or Suit hire!

We employ from our personal stock ; The St David's Welsh nationwide Tartan, The Pride Of Wales Tartan in addition to Spirit Of Glyndwr Tartan. These tartans are the just tartans woven in Wales and just available through Wales Tartan Centres - so, appropriate Welsh Cilts!

Brochure ImageWedding booking's are now being taken for weddings to 2018, we book early to save lots of you cash by providing our most effective rates and service. So does 2011 costs for 2018 weddings sound great?

A little deposit can secure the price we agree, this is certainly then set and should not increase. After that spread the balance with additional payments constructed until 6 weeks ahead of the wedding as soon as the last balance is required. Color and style modifications can be made throughout, without penalty.

We do not work purely by appointment when you look at the store, it is possible to call in when, 1 week a week, but we'll gladly make one for you really to make certain you have 'one to at least one' attention for the marriage or function. We could also determine, provide and gather to your house!

If speaking to a human being is more your style, (it’s definitely our style) be sure to go ahead and call us with any questions after all regarding your Kilt or match employ on 85.

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Source: www.welsh-tartan.com
Welsh Argyll Semi-Formal Kilt Outfit
Welsh Argyll Semi-Formal Kilt Outfit
Dan Tortora with Robert Welsh LIVE from Tilted Kilt
Dan Tortora with Robert Welsh LIVE from Tilted Kilt ...
Welsh Kilt no more, in a kilt
Welsh Kilt no more, in a kilt
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