11, Bagpipes

September 23, 2022
Kirking o the Tartans

CES 2010AUSTIN, Tx — Bands introduced the noise during Wednesday’s change involving the interactive and music portions associated with the South by Southwest event right here.

After days of power-tweeting and foursquare badge wrangling during SXSWi, all of a sudden there’s songs every-where: groups play in resort lobbies, on road sides and anywhere else there’s a small amount of spare room and perhaps an electric socket.

To make things a little even more from the hook, Wednesday was St. Patrick’s Day: Green wigs, binge consuming at least one strolling bagpipe player helped turn up the amount as Austin got its Irish upon. (Yeah, we all know the bagpipe is traditionally from the Scots, however it’s close sufficient for stone ‘n’ roll.)

“I noticed deficiencies in Celtic songs on Sixth Street on St. Patty’s Day last year, said Andrew King, a Salt Lake City musician attending their 2nd SXSW. “So I brought my own bagpipe this present year.”

Andrew King Traffic is bumper to bumper approaching Austin's Fifth Street proceeding to the Austin Convention Center. Scott O'Donnell, of Austin, TX, emerges from restroom at Game Streamer celebration presented within Shangri-la on Austin's East Side Wednesday mid-day. The Irish nature ended up being well-represented on sixth street in Austin.

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Bagpipes across Brooklyn Bridge 9/11
Bagpipes across Brooklyn Bridge 9/11
VMI 9-11 Bagpipes 2014
VMI 9-11 Bagpipes 2014
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red rocks stair climb 9/11/11 bagpipes 2
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