Bannatyne Bagpipes

October 21, 2023
Bannatyne Pipe Bag

bobworrallThe WMC (Willie McCallum) Bannatyne pipe bag is, without concern, the greatest pipe case i've played since departing from sheepskin three decades ago. The depth associated with hide/synthetic material provides a great feel in supply, extremely reminiscent of an excellent sheepskin case. The shape of the bag permits a lot of forearm freedom. A lot of idea moved into the shape and design of this case. I have found that it is exceptionally efficient and simple to keep up a consistent pitch while playing. The dampness system has a distinctive addition….what they call an “Air stress Control” mechanism/piece of product. Initially, I became dubious of their claim. I Attempted it without this material then attempted it with the material….INSTANT TRIUMPH!

I’m not sure for the physics connected with its usage, but it certainly works. The canister system and also the gel beads which it makes use of permit a much longer playing time passed between drying out. So, on the whole, the many problems we all have finding the “ultimate” pipe case appear to have been addressed in WMC Bannatyne pipeline case.

Bob Worrall is regarded as North America’s leading educators, adjudicators and performers. Just before retiring from competitive piping in 1983, Bob won the North American expert Championship an unprecedented seven times, and held the Ontario Championship Supreme subject for 12 of his 13 many years in professional competition. In 1977, he had been champion of both March and Strathspey/Reel activities during the Northern Meeting in Inverness, Scotland.

Bob is highly sought-after as an instructor, both for bagpipe workshops and private university fees, in which he gift suggestions recitals throughout North America and in other places. This has had him, in recent years, to 35 states in the U.S., coast to coast in Canada, to Uruguay, Brittany, South Africa and Scotland.

Bob has judged in the the World Pipe Band Championships on over several occasions, plus 2006, he became the colour commentator for BBC’s televised protection of Worlds. He today regularly judges top events in britain including the Argyllshire Gathering, Glenfiddich Championship and Bratach Gorm.

Bob’s compositions appear in a few modern piping collections. He has got posted The Overseas Collection of Highland Bagpipe songs, publications 1 and 2. Publication of a 3rd book is prepared. He's got recorded “The Classical Bagpipe”, was included from the Lismor recording, “An night of Champions”, and is featured, with Willie McCallum, in Volume 1 of The Piping Centre’s 1997 recording series.

After touring with the phase musical organization for the dance manufacturing “Immrama”, he has been performing using the group “Scantily Plaid”. This venture has actually assisted highlight his skills, not only as a Highland piper, and as a performer regarding Scottish little pipes and reel pipelines. The group revealed its name record in 2001, and contains performed in South America, France, Scotland, Canada therefore the U.S. lately.

Back Ontario, Bob has chaired the songs Board when it comes to Pipers’ and Pipe Band Society of Ontario and coordinates the yearly George Sherriff Memorial Invitational Competition, which showcases North America’s top amateur pipers.

Celtic Band "MacAlum:" Thunder Opening with Bagpipes and Drums
Celtic Band "MacAlum:" Thunder Opening with Bagpipes and Drums
highland cathedral bagpipes with brass band
highland cathedral bagpipes with brass band
Bagpipe band
Bagpipe band
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