Wedding Kilts for men

September 20, 2022
#19 Men In Kilts Wedding

andy-murray-In January he said he would wait until the day it self to select whether he'd wear a kilt for his wedding therefore seems Andy Murray swayed in favour of Scottish custom on his big day. Wearing a navy, green and gold number with a black waistcoat and coat, the excited groom attained Dunblane Cathedral to tie the knot with Kim Sears.

Grinning broadly while he stepped out of an intelligent blue car to cheers through the waiting group, Andy showed he'd used inside footsteps of his elder-brother Jamie, which married Alejandra Gutierrez when you look at the siblings' house town in 2010, and plumped for for himself and best man Jamie to wear kilts and sporrans.

judy-murray-Andy's two other most readily useful men, Ross Hutchins and Carlos Mier, sported dark blue suits.


Beaming Andy waved during the waiting crowd

During a discussion carried out after their win at the Australian Open earlier in the day his year, Andy had been quizzed by what he'd put on to his wedding when an interviewer asked him: "So early morning suit or kilt?"

The sportsman jokingly informed the audience, who were screaming out their tastes, "to relax" before adding: "i do believe I'm going to have both options and see what I feel like in the morning once I awaken."

Happy mum Judy Murray outside Dunblane Cathedral

Both Andy and Kim, who was seated inside really stands, had been remaining blushing once the interviewer carried on to inquire about perhaps the sportsman would decide to forego using such a thing under his kilt – that he reacted "precisely".

andy-murray2-While followers worldwide were keen to guide Andy on their big day, there has been particular affection for previous Wimbledon champ in his home town and nation.

Ratings of well-wishers awaited Andy's arrival

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon supplied her best desires to Andy and Kim – who've been collectively for ten years since conference within age 17.

"I send my warm congratulations to Andy and Kim to their wedding day, " she said in a declaration. "And wish them all the best for a long and delighted life together.

Tim Henman appeared together with his partner Lucy

"Saturday claims to be a great time for Dunblane. Andy is a nearby hero truth be told there but he is also a Scottish sporting star and whole nation would be pleased for him and his new spouse."

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Men in kilts
Men in kilts
The best wedding dance ever in kilts! Beyonce Single Ladies
The best wedding dance ever in kilts! Beyonce Single Ladies
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