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September 28, 2018
Blue Bonnet Lassies

Stone hill Highland Games is pleased to host two Highland Dancing tournaments through the event.

Both times will feature the standard "Highland" dances including a few Scottish nationwide dances. Among the better performers from about the nation will participate for medals, trophies, and rewards.

Scottish Highland Dancing is a celebration of Scottish nature. The dances tend to be a magnificent mixture of energy, agility, motion, music, and costume. Unlike other party mediums, Highland dances are danced solamente plus in competition. Performers usually dance to traditional Scottish music like Strathspeys, Reels, Hornpipes and Jigs, all played by an accompanying bagpiper. The dances comprise of different components, called steps and you will find generally four or six tips to a-dance.

Highland dance was usually carried out by males but is today performed by men and women. It is among few arenas where women and men compete similarly. Generally in most competitions, the number of ladies contending far exceeds the number of men.

Besides perpetuating a fantastic social custom, highland performers appreciate the sports difficulties, competitive targets, performance options as well as the opportunity to fulfill and start to become lifelong pals with dancers off their areas, both nationwide and internationally, that participation in this ethnic art form/sport affords them.

Make sure and stop because of the Highland Dance Pavilion.

In the event that you is contending when you look at the 2015 Highland party competitors you can easily obtain an entry form by simply clicking the hyperlink below. Entries must certanly be postmarked by September 27, 2015. Next, late entries must be postmarked by October 4, 2015 with belated entry costs included.

Examine right back with this web page for competitors notices and extra information.

Highland Dance


Likely the earliest of traditional dances of Scotland, the Fling indicates triumph following a battle.

Sword Dance

Legend claims that warriors danced the Sword Dance ahead of a battle. If warrior moved the swords, it was considered an omen of injury or death.

Seann Triubhas

The Seann Triubhas began as a governmental protest online dating to 1745 when wearing the kilt ended up being an act of treason. The graceful measures mirror the limitations of pants, and also the lively fast time recreates the Highlander’s event of rediscovered freedom.


Reels tend to be thought to have begun in a churchyard on a cool morning whenever minister ended up being later the solution. Parishioners held hot by dancing a reel.

Nationwide Dances

The National Dances tend to be more modern-day than the Highland Dances and had been created so women could participate. The outfit donned by ladies is known as the Aboyne dress known as honoring the Aboyne Highland Games in Scotland in which females had been forbidden to wear the original Highland ensemble. The National Dances are a lot much more rhythmic and balletic; however, they however need quick and accurate motions. A few of the dances are the Scottish Lilt, Village Maid, Blue Bonnets and Scotch Measure. Several nationwide Dances are carried out in the kilt since they had been initially men’s dances like the Highland Laddie, and Wilt Thou go right to the Barracks, Johnny? Guys, naturally, in addition do every one of the dances, nonetheless they put on the original Highland outfit.

Source: www.smhg.org
Highland Dancing -Rocking step
Highland Dancing -Rocking step
Highland dance- Flora (4 step)
Highland dance- Flora (4 step)
Highland dance- Scottish lilt (4 step)
Highland dance- Scottish lilt (4 step)
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