Types of traditional dances

October 25, 2022
Dragon dance

Cultural-dancerswhether or not it’s celebratory, energizing, cathartic, funny, or simply just ordinary embarrassing, dance is just one of the best art kinds for phrase. Folks gyrate in order to commemorate, commemorate or even to prepare for some ritual.

Historical and traditional dance goes back hundreds and also thousands of years. Nigeria has the prize of a variety of folk and tribal dances in regions nationwide. The eastern area, which consist mostly for the Igbo tribe, have a summary of traditional dances done as a kind of psychological expression, personal communication, or workout, in a spiritual or performance setting, that dances are now and again familiar with express tips or inform an account.

When browsing Eastern areas of Nigeria, have a look at Jovago’s set of top 5 regional dances for many determination!

Ikpirikpi-ogu (War dance)

Frequently linked to the folks of Abam in Arochukwu LGA, Abia State, Nigeria, Ikpirikpi-ogu is a dance of warriors. Originally performed to welcome troops back from tribal wars, it exudes an air of valor and it is strictly carried out by guys. These days it's strictly symbolical to demonstrate the effectiveness of a community and its particular conquest over collective difficulties. Its performed at crucial festivals and community activities.

Atilogwu (Acrobatic Party)

That is nearly the same as shows by cheerleaders in today’s western world. It really is referred to as ‘Acrobatic Dance” whilst requires many quick moves and calisthenics. It really is primarily performed because of the childhood for activity at ceremonies or other events.

Igbo-War-Dance-300509-AdelaideNkwa umu-Agbogho (the Maiden dance)

In a bid to attract suitors, this dance that involves rhythmic moves associated with the upper body and waistline, ended up being done by maidens who had come of age and were set to marry. It was a vital facet of the Igbo tradition and was familiar with foster abstinence from intimate activities before wedding. Recently, its done as a form of entertainment by teenagers with supple systems.

Omuru-onwa and Agbacha-ekuru-nwa

This dance strictly done by married women, usually involves responsive action associated with human body, in a rhythmic manner to hip-swinging music. Wedded women and brand new moms utilized such entertaining opportunities to exercise, shed, shed baby-fats and remain healthier through regular rehearsals.

Mmanwu (masquerades)

Most likely the hottest party when you look at the Igbo culture, Mmanwu is celebrated over the whole Igbo landscape. In ancient times, masquerades were regarded as sacred while they often represented deities or were messengers delivered by deities to provide judgments or penalties on usually powerful men and women. These were untouchable; feared becoming spirits.

It absolutely was presumed that during the Mmanwu party, the character regarding the deity possessed the individual wearing masquerade. The Mmanwu dance ended up being and is however featured in many Igbo carnivals, parties and funerals such as the brand new yam festival. Their particular activities are usually radiant and cellular causing therefore viewers to go around to totally enjoy each.

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