Scottish indie music

October 26, 2022
Scottish Saltires at T in the

12363186_694449660698351_3051228408302508262_oStill movies, with our friends over at Edge City movies in Glasgow, are in creation of a task known as LOST IN FRANCE … so we require YOU!
MISSING IN FRANCE is an incredible documentary that takes united states from the heart of this ’90s Glasgow songs scene – aided by the creation of Mogwai, Franz Ferdinand, Arab Strap, The Delgados among others – to a little town in outlying France, and to the existing indie music scene, and iconic Scottish record label CHEMIKAL UNDERGROUND.

We should do justice toward scene spawned countless of your favourite rings, therefore we require your help to shape the film.

We’re looking archive product for possible usage, specially video footage of the ’90s Scottish indie scene, but also old pictures, or violation stubs, or ready listings, or photos from gigs and functions, or from streets of Glasgow.

Perhaps you have had a spouse who's got a package inside their attic? Or a friend whom always appeared to be at gigs or walking the roads with a camera? We’d want to hear away from you so kindly get in contact… THANKS!!

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Tambourine Suicides - Love Tambourine (C86 Scottish Indie
Tambourine Suicides - Love Tambourine (C86 Scottish Indie ...
the indies - Scottish Film, Music & Arts Magazine (online)
the indies - Scottish Film, Music & Arts Magazine (online)
The Wordsmiths - Nowhere To Be Found (Scottish Indie Music)
The Wordsmiths - Nowhere To Be Found (Scottish Indie Music)
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