Sad Scottish music

October 25, 2022

Scottish Album of the season longlist is a very good exhibit associated with country’s musical output today

This short article is from 2015.

viewpoint: the SAY Award longlist is keeping Scotland’s music discussion live

Happy Meals

Another beauty of a longlist appeared this morning from the SAY HQ. It features a number of Scotland’s biggest hitters, among who will need ideal record of the season prize in June.

As a playlist of this nation’s musical output, exactly what do these 20 albums sound like into remaining portion of the globe? Well, they appear to be the tinkling, roaring, pulsing mixture of twee pop music, jangly folk, radio rock, strange pop music and trippy-French-language-louche-disco which makes up Scotland’s music scene now.

Pleasingly, the list joined some well kent home brands (Idlewild, Mogwai, Belle & Sebastian, King Creosote, Paolo Nutini) with some magnificent artists and rings nonetheless drifting below the radar, but very deserving of some spotlight.

There’s much to love regarding the number; a sleazy, addictive synth début from gf / boyfriend duo Delighted Meals (runner of micro-label Instructional Media, and music polymath Lewis Cook is certainly long overdue some serious compliments for his melted-pop result of recent years); gleaming, goofed-up background dancefloor-jams from Errors; gloriously maudlin bringdown anthems from Twilight Sad; throwback acid house and unnerving techno from Slam; sugary-slacker-rock from Glasgow female-twosome Honeyblood and plenty even more.

Now while the Tweets and Twitter posts start pinging in, lamenting over looked rings, and nailing colours towards the mast ahead of the vote is established to the general public in late might, it is a chance to talk about, champ, gripe and gush over Scotland’s musical landscape.

Powerful once the listing is, and bearing in mind the SAY’s undoubtedly commendable encouragement of any sort of entry – from self-released room opus towards the ultra-polished, huge spending plan studio hit – indeed there however appears hook absence of the sort of songs that Scotland creates prolifically and incredibly competently, albeit less publicly; steel, experimental, weirdo, jazz, modern-day structure and underground party acts tend to be no place to be seen, providing a slightly warped picture associated with the kaleidoscopic, multi-faceted Scottish songs scene.

However once more, that’s definitely just what the SAY Award’s all about – advancing the music language and keeping the conversation going in what we prosper. Congratulations toward 20 nominees, and cheers into the good health of Scotland’s songs!

Claire Sawers is music editor at The listing, and had been a judge when it comes to 2014 proclaim Award

Belle & Sebastian

Scotland's precious purveyors of jangling indie miracle perform songs from their particular newest record women In Peacetime desire to Dance.

Wed 22 Jun

Costs to be confirmed / 020 7589 8212

The musical organization perform 'Tigermilk' in its entirety to celebrate their particular twentieth anniversary.

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Scottish instrumental Music ~ Detrucci - Snowdrops
Scottish instrumental Music ~ Detrucci - Snowdrops
Sad piano and violin music that make you cry
Sad piano and violin music that make you cry
Detrucci - Feeling (Scottish Music)
Detrucci - Feeling (Scottish Music)
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