Traditional Scottish music bands

September 27, 2022
Slow Magic
Abby 2015

"Newton plays with susceptibility and soul..."

"Abby ended up being wonderful. The woman music filled the uplifting religious exposure to traditional songs."
"i recently heard a number of your music and interviews on NPR's Thistle & Shamrock. This was certainly among the better and a lot of enjoyable music i've heard."

Abby Newton
is well known for her groundbreaking operate in the revival of the cello in American and Scottish standard music. Included in the folk music revival of history many decades there is a movement to restore the unique richness for the cello to standard songs. Abby happens to be from the forefront of that motion since meeting Jay Ungar (Ashokan Farewell), Lyn Hardy, and John Cohen (brand new missing City Ramblers). The four formed the Putnam String County Band, toured thoroughly, and performed at most of the of major celebrations including Mariposa, Binghamton, additionally the Philadelphia Folk Festival. Although classically trained, she improvised cello parts for their arrangements of standard United states music.

Currently, as music editor of Sing away! Magazine, Abby, transcribed songs from New tune motion of Latin The united states. She met a number of the composers of the brand-new South US music in the course of time joining an ensemble in NYC called El Grupo. Through Sing Out! she met the people in two New Song activity groups; Quilapayun and Inti-Illimani of Chile and performed with both teams at various halls including Avery Fisher, Carnegie, and Karl Marx Theater in Cuba.

Scottish Songs
Abby's deep participation using songs of Scotland began with her introduction to Scottish singer, Jean Redpath. Their particular music relationship spanned seventeen CDs and many tours in Scotland therefore the United States. Through Jean Abby met Tom Anderson, famous Shetland fiddler which generated activities with Tom and Jean for the highlands of Scotland together with first Shetland Folk Festival. It was through these trips with Jean that Abby found the wealthy history of the cello in Scottish songs. (See Abby's article regarding the reputation for the cello on the Thistle and Shamrock website).

CDs and Bands
The musical organization Celtic Crossing evolve out of Abby's first solamente CD "Crossing to Scotland." The woman second CD "Castles, Kirks and Caves, " recorded reside in old spaces of Scotland, had been a culmination of advancement and study through touring with Jean Redpath. It absolutely was after recording this CD that she formed the musical organization Ferintosh, and produced the CD Ferintosh. The group is focused on playing old-fashioned Scottish music in a "chamber folk" environment. These CDs have made crucial recognition both in the U.S. and overseas.

Abby has an energetic and ongoing recording career. She's got created and carried out on over one hundred people recordings including 17 CDs with Jean Redpath. Abby has made a number of appearances on Prairie Residence Companion, and also the Thistle and Shamrock, in which Fiona Ritchie produced an element system on Abby and her influence on the people cello action

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Scottish traditional music : Ceolbeg - The Gale Warning
Scottish traditional music :"Ceolbeg" - "The Gale Warning"
Oban Pipe Band- Scottish Pipe Band Music
Oban Pipe Band- Scottish Pipe Band Music
traditional scottish band
traditional scottish band
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