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February 17, 2023
Murray Scottish Tartan

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National Tartan Day became a formally recognized US special event in 1998, nevertheless party of Scottish United states history in the us begin well before. National Tartan Day is celebrated every year on April 6th, the time that the Declaration of Arbroath was signed in 1320. A Declaration that will be widely seen as significantly influencing the United states Declaration of Independence in 1776. The inalienable need for freedom which works within all of us are heard demonstrably through the after inspirational range from the Declaration of 1320.

We fight maybe not for glory, nor riches nor awards, but also for freedom alone, which no good guy gives up except together with his life.

Using this exact same nature, National Tartan Day relives and honors annually the contribution and achievements made by Scottish Americans in the usa. Are you aware that nearly 50 % of the signers of Declaration of freedom came from Scotland, Ulster or had ancestors indeed there? Or that nine of this initial thirteen states had governors who were of Scottish ancestry? Individuals with Scottish heritage have played a major part in assisting guide the United States through some of our hardest times, Let's celebrate their particular achievements this April 6th, nationwide Tartan Day!

National Tartan Day Rap
National Tartan Day Rap
Clan Crest and USA National Tartan | Houston Kiltmakers
Clan Crest and USA National Tartan | Houston Kiltmakers
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