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December 9, 2018
The Malcolm Monument


The fastest and simplest way for a woman to wear the woman tartan or compared to her partner will be wear a sash. The traditional sash is 10 ? 12 ins wide and 90? lengthy and fringed at both finishes. You can find three ways to wear the traditional sash.
  • Underneath the remaining supply and crossed within the front side and right back over right shoulder and fastened with a brooch Sash (A) with Sash (B) showing the Heathergems Brooch.
  • Sash (C) Fold it in half and gather within the creased end to fasten a brooch to and fasten in the right shoulder. Inside straight back, have the top level hang down freely and pull the underneath level to the left and fasten to your waistband.
  • Sash (D): put it on merely as a wrap over an ordinary dress or suit.
90? Typical Sash

Sash (A)

Sash (B)

Sash (C)

Sash (D)


This place is about 55 ins broad and 78 inches lengthy and is manufactured from soft-brushed lambs wool with an orifice down one half from it. It's used over your clothing plus one part is entered over one shoulder to secure it.


A mini sash rosette is an inferior sampling associated with the conventional sash but less heavy to put on and pre-folded. It really is about 6 ins broad and 40 inches long. Both ends tend to be fringed and another end is collapsed into a rosette to place a brooch on.

Its worn on the correct shoulder and fastened with a brooch or clan badge and hangs down the back. The trunk are secured by pulling it straight down to the remaining and pinning it to your waistband.

0. and up

This garment (often known as a kilt) is a ladies skirt fashioned after a kilt. This has a fringed flat front side with pleats within the straight back. We make ours utilizing 4 yards of size hand pleated to accommodate the tartan and machine stitched. It may be used whatever size you normally put on your skirts, either above the leg, just underneath the knee or at mid calf.

Note: The ?hostess? length will be the foot or floor-length, therefore, it is over 29 inches.

Bias Cut
The textile is slashed from the bias or diagonal and fully lined with or without a waistband. the cost depends on the size and size as a result of how the pieces need to be cut fully out and matched.

Longer Directly Skirts
Long straight skirts supply a simple formal garment for woman. We offer a slit within the straight back for better movement and convenience.


Vests can be custom purchased in tartan, velvet, and tartan front/silky straight back.

Please contact us to talk about your requirements.

When a woman desires an apparel made in tartan, the number of choices tend to be limitless. Below are many garments made in tartan, velvet, silk, and tweed to give you a few ideas of what is possible.

Tartan Outfits

Two Piece Silk

Tweed Jacket &

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