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June 21, 2020

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup increasingly being held in Brazil now appears like the ideal time and energy to look straight back through the years at a few examples of Football Kits within Scotland having taken motivation from iconic Scottish design, Tartan. The links between Tartan and Scotland’s preferred pastime through the years being infrequent but leave a lasting effect when they have collaborated on a Kit design.

While many groups today had Kits with two different coloured pieces or hoops, Dundee forced the boundary with the full tartan system. I imagine this design had been selected for his or her trip to Southern Africa showing down our conventional national outfit offshore.

It took the Footballing globe till the early 1990′s to recover from Dundee FC’s tartan getup before Greenock Morton released two Tartan Kits, a Home and Away Kit. The blue home system tartan is very just like the later on registered Greenock Tartan. The away kit gets the blue and red’s inverted.

Greenock Morton gone back to an identical blue Tartan Kit between 2005-2007 too.

The kit appeared the standard dark-blue from afar, although complex Tartan design had been even more obvious on better viewing.

After several years without tartan, the 2014 Scotland system includes a dash of Tartan spirit. Tartan trim across the sides give a flash of Scottish heritage. There is certainly a tip of the hat to Robert the Bruce in addition concealed on top in the shape of a Spider. Their phrase…

If initially you don’t succeed – decide to try, attempt once again.

…fits really utilizing the ethos of the Scottish National Team!

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