Maple Leaf Tartan Kilt

September 8, 2022
Inspired by others I have seen

Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore announced Wednesday 9 March 2011 that the Maple Leaf Tartan is now Canada's formal tartan.

The tints associated with maple leaf through altering seasons became the basis for this asymmetric tartan created by David Weiser in 1964. Understood formally due to the fact Maple Leaf tartan, the design includes the green of this leaves’ summertime foliage, the silver which appears at the beginning of autumn, the red which seems utilizing the coming of the very first frost, and also the brown shades for the fallen leaves. Fraser & Kirkbright state (Sept 2002) it absolutely was made for Highland Queen in expectation associated with centenary of Confederation status in 1867. David Weiser ended up being believed to are typically in the style globe for quite some time.

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  • Females Kilted skirts - 3 different styles
  • Mens Cummerbund
  • Mens 3 or 5 button tartan vest
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Kiltman Kilts Original StreetKilt
Kiltman Kilts "Original" StreetKilt
Jimmy cute little Man in a kilt
Jimmy cute little Man in a kilt.....
Mannen rok, Kilts, Man skirs, werkkleding, work kilts
Mannen rok, Kilts, Man skirs, werkkleding, work kilts
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