Tartan Kilt Hose

May 6, 2023
Fibre Naturelle Glencoe Tartan

Argyle Kilt Hose: $140.00

Custom dyed yarns to match your tartan.

Hand wash and air-dry just

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Standard fold-down top
Castellated top

Product Information:

We're really please to provide a custom argyle (tartan) hose service that combines good and a reasonable price. These hose pipe are created in the united states of 100per cent wool yarn hand dyed to match your tartan. Its reccomended which you publish a sample of the tartan for color-matching. Your tartan sample should be gone back to your completed hose. If you do not have some your tartan offered, if you let us know the mill, tartan, and weight, we could frequently supply a sample for you personally. Barring that a good picture of kilt may be used.
Our hose pipe are available with both a regular (fold down) cuff, including a castellated top.
Argyle hose are specifically suitable for night wear, but could be used for time gown as well. Dress the area of the Highland guy!

Source: kiltshop.scottishtartans.org
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