Bagpipe moisture control

September 5, 2022

photoI don’t have actually private experience with the “Highland Reeds” item. But i've sold a lot of those considering a teacher’s recommendation.
The next item may be the Gibson “Quick Release Liquid Trap”. This might be a product that we used for some time. It absolutely was a great item when it initially hit the market and contains been improved recently using introduction of a shammy plug placed into the end regarding the tube. Before, due to the fact dampness broadened, it leaked to the bag. Because of the brand new plug, there is minimal leakage. The item makes use of a “split stock” and therefore by getting the ferrule and pulling it out of the stock, it is possible to take away the tube with out unzipping the case. Meaning that the bag zipper lasts longer.
While personally have never used the Ross Canister program, We have sold a number of these once more centered on a Pipe Major/teacher recommendation. Within system, the canisters are filled up with “kitty litter” and have to be changed regularly. It's installed inside the bag with pipes running from the stocks except the blow stick stock. You strike the hot wet air to the bag and it is “dried” before it gets to the reeds. Yourself, I think this might be a bulky product and it also requires a unique situation to support its dimensions.
At this time, my favorite dampness control system could be the brand-new Gibson Universal MCS. The product is set up at the end of the blow stick stock. The canister has a rolled up shammy inside that does the work like hardly any other. I will virtually get 4 hours of playing from this item before i must replace the shammy. When I perform a great deal, we ensure it is a practice to alter the shammy once per week. During those times, I put the whole thing in a bleach bathtub to wash it up and place the free shammy into it although the very first one dries for after that week’s set up. Thank you, Jerry Gibson. He has created an excellent item!

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